TA-TAM-DAM!!! We have one more party! First anniversary of the very first  project of FaceBookies! I think I should  just quote the person, who made this project came true and who deserved to be on top of this unique holiday! Of course, this is our genius Chief Editor,  Mistress IRENA BAY😉

Today a year ago, we started a wonderful adventure together which we called: THE BOOK! What a marvelous summer! Happy Anniversary, FaceBookies!

And remember: “When you want something very much, the entire Universe conspires for you to take it””

For those who is interested to know more about the BOOK here is a link to the BOOK MUSEUM on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=111668954336&topic=10962

And, of course, if you like to have your personal copy of the BOOK, please, write Irena on her e-mail: irena.bay@facebookies.org and you’ll receive it in PDF format asap;))

10 thoughts on “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the BOOK!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Happy Aniversary!

    I recomend to everyone who would like to have a very funny, entertaining, and interesting book, read THE BOOK! Thank you to all the people who participated in this project. It is AWESOME!

  2. So that is why, I dont remember, how the weather was like last summer???

    We wrote a book. Starting july 8th and finishing excactly 3 months later. And on october 10th, the person, it was all about, got it, wrapped in golden paper after the concert in Oslo….the very first facebookies-meeting.. I reccomend you to read the chapters on this site, called FACEBOOKIES REPORTING and read about the Oslo-meeting…and the Book…

    Irena is the mother of the book. No doubt about it. We all took part with great joy and enthusiasm, but she had the energy to keep us going..all the way, from start to finish.

    I know, she will someday be a manager of a very large company…and take over the world. And the world will love her.

  3. Thank you for the kind words, my dear Julchik!
    Happy anniversary to all participants of the project “the BOOK”!

    If someone wants to read it, do not hesitate to send me an email to irena.bay@facebookies.org

    PS. @ Julia -- whose mistress am I exactly? LOOOOOOOL Well at least I am on top! 😛

    1. Irena, you’re always on the top;)) And you’re THE MISTRESS of Book-project and a lot of other projects!:) I love you and please come to Tonsberg!:)))))

  4. Congratulations! One year old? Wow!! I can recommend everybody to read “The book”- very amazing!

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