Happy birthday, The BOOK!:)))

Today a year ago the BOOK has reached Alex in Oslo. It was delivered to the Smurf by the brave chief-editor and super-spy, great agent Irena Bonk;)))) Ooops, I’m sorry, Irena Bay, of course;) I’m a little bit drunk, we have a party here …you know;)

Also this day October 10th, a year ago, there was the very first in the history of Planet Rybak the  facebookies meeting in the heart of Norway. They went to Oslo to see the Smurf performing on stage and also to give him the BOOK, which they had been writing for the 3 months and which supposed to be the most clever present to Alex;) And it is so! The BOOK has crossed the boundaries and united Alex’s fans all over the world! After the birth of the BOOK Facebookies grown up very fast and they still are growing.

We all would like to thank our dear writers and editors for this beautiful Story and for the great moments we experienced with you by reading it! Thank you and happy 1 year anniversary to your child!:)))))))

(a birthday card by Yannis The Sweet Papadopoulos)

(a comics by Renia The Wise Thenou)

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday, The BOOK!:)))”

  1. “Renia The Wise Thenou” LOOL

    Happy birthday! Many happy and full of love to eachother, returns of the day!

  2. Like-like-like))
    I remember how I was enjoying reading the BOOK and translating Irena’s report!
    Very special moments. Bravo!

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