Happy birthday, “Fans own poems and lyrics” thread!

Calliope, the Muse of Poetry

On 15  July 2009 a new thread was created on Planet Rybak, a newborn then. It was the thread called “Fans own poems and lyrics”, made by Marianne Saietz. During the last year this thread has inspired many Facebookies to express their feelings by creating hundreds of excellent poems! It has also given birth to four SONG BOOKS released by the Facebookies so far, and counting! It has been the earliest sign of the world-famous Facebookies creativity!

On 15 July 2010 we are celebrating its birthday. You are all invited to leave a rhyme, a limerick, a poem, anything 🙂

Link to the thread (threads have been closed by FB, so the link doesn’t work anymore):



Sample poem, by Marianne:


And finally, the fans will sleep And no one will the facebook keep The latest topic now must wait The wild ideas can hesitate The cleaning-people sweeps the floor clean up the links and threads and more The lights go out and all is shade And even words stay up too late

6 thoughts on “Happy birthday, “Fans own poems and lyrics” thread!”

    By Yannis

    This great day has finally come!
    Today this thread is having birthday.
    And even though I am gone apart,
    I promised to be here on Thursday.

    It was founded by our beloved Viking
    and it has become the home of Muse.
    I made my first poem here, this is striking,
    before I couldn’t even change a fuse¹.

    The famous Facebookies creativity
    was proven through poems beyond doubt.
    It brought us to higher levels of activity.
    That’s what Greek words² are about!

    So, I am giving my wishes to this place,
    that the Muse will never let it dry.
    May new poems be created by its base
    if only this time for the right guy³.
    ¹ This is only poetic licence, I could change a fuse.
    ² “Poem” comes from the Greek “ποίημα” (“poiema” = creation).
    ³ http://www.yannibookies.org

  2. Happy birthday poetry thread. Irena, your poem is fantastic. What about a video?

  3. Happy Birthday, my poetical friends and FaceBookies!

    What suits better to express my feelings on this day than a song -- and here it comes: from me to you!

    “My very first post”
    (music by Alexander Rybak, lyrics by Irena Bay)

    Deep in my heart
    There’s a small hidden room
    And you know that you hold the key
    Life will go on, we’ll grow old with the years
    But something will stay here with me

    The treasure I found here can not be described
    Who would have thought it exists
    But there is a secret that all of us know
    Thank heavens I found what I missed
    Yes, there is a secret that all of us know:
    Our friendship with this smurfy twist

    There may be
    Smart guys and hot guys – who are Norsker than he
    And ten times the charmer than he’ll ever be
    But one thing, FaceBookies, you sure didn’t miss
    My very first post

    Need I say more?
    The feeling is pure
    My friends, you are one of a kind
    Though the time will go on
    And the seasons will change
    You always be there on my mind

    All of the things you have brought to my world
    Gave wings to my most hidden dreams
    Unleashed and enhanced the poet in me
    You showed that life’s more that it seems
    You opened the door to my own Wonderland
    This Alice was born in your hand

    Our world here
    may seem surreal -- they will not undestand
    dimensions of imagination and will
    The rules and all forms are exploding, the thrill
    of daydreams fullfilled

    Deep in your mind there’s confusion, you ask
    Should I return to the day
    Where I walk ’round in my everyday’s tasks
    Locking my heart far away

    Don’t forget, dear
    You got only one shot
    You live only now, so don’t fear
    If you found yourself here reflected in us
    That is a reason to cheer
    Let’s sprinkle the stardust, let magic begin
    Let’s dance with the smurf’s violin

    We raise up
    Fabrics of colors unknown to their eyes
    Strawberry music swirls round in the skies
    Words with the scent of the very first kiss
    Our fantasy’s bliss

  4. HAAAAPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!:))))))))
    Yannis, you’re genious! This video is just great!:)

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