drawing by Angelina Udalova

Dear friends,

Today we are having 2 year anniversary of the Official Fansite of Alexander Rybak! 14 February 2010 it was opened to the world, and we have been working hard to update you all with the fresh and interesting information about Alexander!

I’d like to thank the team of Facebookies, which consist 32 people at the time, who is working every day for this web-site! Some of those people’s names are visible in the postings, but some names never shows up anywhere, despite they do a lot of work for the page. Some of those who started this place are gone, and many others have joined us during these 2 years. Thanks a lot to you all and to every member of Facebookies.org! And also I’d like to thank many-many others from all over the world, who help us by sending information, videos, pictures, translations, reports etc.

Guys, you are doing such a great job! Thank you all!  Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day! “

Julia, web-administrator


written by Marianne Saietz

There’s a fiddler who’s flying along
Making headlines and concerts and fun
He’s too fast to keep track of
So we need to keep back- up
And the fansite is where, it get’s done.

Informations, translations for share.
All he does, did and will do is there.
Happy birthday dear site.
You are doing it right
Thanks to all You good people, who care 🙂


“I want to thank all of you who help out making the Fansite to be this great fan site, so Alexander’s fans all over the world have access to information about his great work. The Fansite is a “working place” with no vacation rights, no pay checks and hardly any honor, but still more than 30 people work 24/7 to collect and publish as much information as possible to our followers. And a big thank you to the people who send us information, goes to concerts and make videos and pictures, and let us post it on the Fansite. It’s amazing that people can work together like that worldwide and without any boundaries. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this work. And not at least, a big thank you to the young man who travels around doing all this stuff that makes headlines, gives interviews and create and perform brilliant music. Without him, no Fansite.”


And with Alexander’s performing together with Carola Häggkvist at the Nordic Conference in Stockholm 23.1. 2012, we wish you all a Happy Brithday, Enjoy!”


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday FACEBOOKIES.ORG!”

  1. happy anniversary, but above all thank you very much for creating a website where people who do not have the pleasure of going to concerts or other events where this alex. We have news on the hope that the website will last for many more years to delight us with Alexander Rybak

  2. Happy anniversary!!! You did a great job. Sasha is so lucky, because he has such talented, hardworking and loyal friends!!!! I remember how many skills I got and how much joy I had being a part of the team;)

  3. Happy anniversary!!! And great video!!! I have always liked Carola and Alex’s performance from Allsang på Grensen, it was nice to see them perform together again.

  4. He is born on stage and for stage:)
    Thank you all for your great job ! Thanks to you, we can follow him from distance and be well informed.
    Keep going with this website ladies and gentelmen -- please.
    Thank you once more!!!!!!!

  5. I’ll continue where Marianne lost it:
    Thank you for this big surprise!!!

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A surprise VIDEO OF SMURF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    etc. etc. etc.

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