Happy Birthday, Alex!

Rybak’s Facebookies are wishing «Happy Birthday» to Alexander Rybak with a special gift!

From April 15th to May 12th people from ALL OVER THE WORLD donated money to support the project «Playing for a Future» by the «Valdres Sommersymfoni» a distinguished music school in Norway, which offers scholarships to underprivileged children for musical education and thus a chance for a better life.

The result:

Until May 12 the collected donations were a good bit more than 20.000 NOK (almost 3000 Euros). But the best thing is that the account will remain open and will continue to receive donations to support the cause. Happy Birthday, Alex!

short Info on Barratt Due’s website:  http://www.barrattdue.no/Hele+verden+hjelper+Alexander.9UFRLKYY.ips

■ The official Press Release from Valdres Sommersymfoni:

■  Translation by Tessa La:

Sityhilelo to Norway, thanks to Alexander’s fans


Thank You Facebook Fans

The Facebook Fans of Alexander Rybak birthday collection  succeed over 20 000 NOK to Playing for a Future. The talented clarinetist Sityhilelo Gwenxane, 15, has just gotten his first passport. He needed that, because he this summer is going to Valdres and participate in Valdres Sommersymfoni along with 400 other young people. Orphaned Sityhilelo lives with his grandmother in a poor township outside Cape Town, and if it had not been  for Alexander Rybak, he never comes to Norway. Alexander Rybak birthday is on 13 May and to please him, his fans on Facebook has collecting money for two weeks. The money does not go to Alexander himself, but to Playing for a Future, an aid project to provide children in poor parts of the world a chance to develop through music. 15-year old Sityhilelo from South Africa’s slums are just one of them. But the money that comes from the birthday collection will cover all expenses for him. It’s probably not possible to imagine how much will rejoice Sityhilelo, who have never been outside their country before.

For Alexander it is obviously an enormous pleasure to be able to contribute to helping others. Playing for a Future are on their second year. Each year a selected ambassador play for free in according to Valdres Sommersymfoni, and the income from the concert goes to the Playing for a Future. Alexander Rybak was the first ambassador in 2009, and the income from his concerts made it possible for three young people from South Africa and two from Bolivia to participate in Valdres Sommersymfoni in 2009. In addition to Playing for a Future send 60 000 NOK to South Africa to pay for music lessons for several children from the townships in Cape Town during the year.

Once ambassador for Playing for the Future – always ambassador. This year, Alexander get company in the Ambassador line by the clarinetist Felix Peikli, as also did well in Kjempesjansen 2006, where Alexander won. Felix Peikeli is currently studying at the Berklee College, Massachusetts, USA. It is one of the world’s leading education places for jazz musicians. This two will participating in two concerts during the Valdres Summersymphony, the 26 and 27 of June.

In addition to incomes from the ambassador concerts, all applicants to Valdres Sommersymfoni contribute to Playing for a Future with 200 NOK of the registration fee, and besides, it’s made a CD of the annual concert with the Norwegian Children’s Symphony Orchestra, where the income goes directly to Playing for a Future. This year there will be children and young people from Vietnam, Brazil and Jordan in addition to Bolivia and South Africa. Concert with the Norwegian Children’s Symphony Orchestra concludes the festival 4 July.

The symbolic gift will be presented to Alexander in connection with a rehearsal in Oslo Wednesday 12 May, on behalf of Valdres Sommersymfoni by Kathryn Hvinden Hals – one of the young musicians who is on tour with Alexander Rybak at the moment. – The fact that Alexander’s Facebook Fans chose to raise money to Playing for a Future is just fantastic, “said Alf Richard Kraggerud, initiator both Valdres Sommersymfoni and Playing for a Future. – We can not thank enough. Rybak Facebook fans gathered nearly 70 000 people from 77 countries.

More about the collection here: http://www.alexanderrybaknews.com/2010/04/23/the-perfect-birthday-present-for-the-fiddler/ and here: http://sommersymfoni.no/index.asp?id=30485

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Alex!”

  1. I love everything of U!!!!!your style , your musics , your movies etc.

    I’m a pianist myself ; 9 years playing of my 13 years living in this world and for the first time after these years I’ve seen a great musician like U!
    Unfortunately I live in Iran and here , there’s no way to connect and visit U…only downloading unfiltered music videos…so I’d be happy by finding a way 2 communicate with U in anyway possible
    ThankU so much 4 reading this comment

    happy birthday Alexander Rybak =)

  2. Wow, finally I got a chance to watch the video. It’s wonderful (I know, I always use that word, but there is really not much more to say, and secondly english is not my main language…)! Wow.

  3. It’s nice to being Facebookie and I’m proud of you my dear friends. Thanks for translating it Tessa and writing it Yannis. Next year,we should give an excellent present to him again! I love you!


  4. Thanks to FaceBookies and non-facebookies who took part in this project. I’m proud of us. And I’m happy for Sityhilelo who we help to.

  5. We all did it guys. I think a group ‘cwtch’ (hug) and a cold beer is in order. What do you think? ;o)

  6. Happy Birthday, Alexander!!! All the best from Canada… 🙂

    @Yannis: I love you! Please come to Canada. And bring the The Facebookies with you…and Alexander….and Kjell ….and Theo…and the Frikars….:-)))

    *cheers and applause*

  7. Thank you Yannis for the translation, and the lovely video! ;D
    Best of luck! 🙂

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