Happy birthday to the most handsome, brilliant, hot, sexy violinist walking on this earth. We wish you a happy year, and may your third wish (**** ******) come true happy valentines anniversary

During the last 12 months he has entertained us with great performances and given us wonderful new music we can enjoy. Just listen to this great PLAYLIST.


Greetings from Russian fans. Click on the picture to watch it 🙂



To celebrate, we’ve made this quiz about this versatile violinist. What have this guy done the last year? You’ll find the answers to that in his last year’s footsteps and interviews. Are you up for a challenge? Then let’s get started!


2 thoughts on “HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY ALEXANDER!”

  1. Hi Alex,
    I’m a Vietnamese fan, I know you 2 year ago, your music is amazing, I hope you will have performances in Vietnam, all fan in here love you so much.
    A lots of luck to you.

  2. Happy Birthday to Alexander. Lovely posting and a nice quizz, I think of myself as a “hardcore” fan, but I only get 14 correct. Would have loved to see the answers and where I fail.

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