Here is the video documentary of what you have done for the whole year since you turned 25 to the present day:) We tried to gather all we could, all the happenings: concerts, performance at the various events and TV-shows, Meet&Greets and many, many other things you managed to do during this “calm” year!;) Why calm? Because you announced you were going to take it calmer this year and finish your study. Yeah, right! Here you can see how calm this year was for you and…for us! Because the more you work – the more work for us!:)) But that is just great! Keep rolling, fiddler! And we’ll keep working for you!:-)


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5 thoughts on “HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY, ALEXANDER!:)”

  1. What we didn’t mention in the movie was that he’s also a full time student at Barrat Due, I wonder how he has managed that!! I’m sure he must have the time expander that we all would like to have.

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