Happy 10 years anniversary Alexander Rybak!

10 years since we heard “Fairytale” for the first time. 

Today it’s 10 years since Alexander Rybak performed “Fairytale” in Melodi Grand Prix. The place was Grenlandshallen in Skien, where Alexander was the last artist in the third semi-finals in MGP 2009.

As everyone knows : Oh yes, he did qualify for the Norwegian final on 21st February 2009.

Source: ESCNorway.com, published 7.2.19 and YouTube. Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revised by Anni Jowett

After the performance in the semi-finals, Melodi Grand Prix 2009 was mainly about Alexander Rybak and the dance ensemble Frikar. They took Norway (and Europe) by storm. During the MGP-final, Oslo Spektrum was steaming  when they once again sang and danced through “Fairytale”. The audience welcomed them with tremendous cheering, stomping and dancing during the performance.

The voting became a huge party for Alexander Rybak and Frikar. There was no doubt about who would win. “Fairytale” won the voting from all the juries, and also the televoting from various parts of the country. It ended with a clear victory. 747.888 points. More than six times (!) as many points as the second place (121.856).

When the victory was a fact, Europe woke up, too. Many Europeans pointed at Alexander and Frikar as the potential winner of Eurovision.
“Fairytale” won its semi-finals in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. (Alexander Rybak in fact also won his semi-finals in Eurovision 2018). The song is about Alexander’s ex-girlfriend, who by the way is onstage with a violin, in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix final.

 The rest of the story we know. Europe loved “Fairytale”!
“Douze points”  flowed in from everywhere, as many as 16 countries had Norway on top. Never before had a Eurovision winner received this many points (387). As much as 161 points lead of the second place. No one forgets Alexander’s call upon people when he held his thank you speech before the winning performance in Moscow; “You are welcome to meet me at Gardermoen.” (the whole speech below) 

And yes, it was a chaos at the airport on arrival on 17th May!

 Fairytale has gone into history as one of the most popular winners in Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision. We take off our hat! 

“Thank you again, Russia. Thank you all of Europe. And if there is anyone in Norway who is alive at 11 o’clock in the night tomorrow, then you are welcome to meet me at Gardermoen at 11.00. That would be nice. Thank you again, you are the best audience in the world.”
– Alexander Rybak

You can watch he speech in this video where he perform the winning song. The speech starts at 00.08, and he talks in Russian, English and Norwegian 🙂 

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