Had picture taken with their idol Alexander Rybak 22.12.2012

Alexander Rybak Juleturne
A little embarrassing:  For Selina (10) and Anea Bråten(8), it was a little embarrassing, but very fun, to have their picture taken with their hero Alexander Rybak. They had a nice evening at the concert and would like to return once again.

Had picture taken with their idol

 Delighted Sarpsborg girls got to meet Alexander Rybak after the Christmas concert.

Source: Paper issue of Sarpsborg Arbeiderbladet 22.12.2012.
Author:  Marie Kingsrød. Photos by Vetle Grannath Magelssen

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Laila Solum Hansen. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn

Selina (10) and Anea Bråten (8) did not want to go to the Christmas concert. But that was before they heard that Alexander Rybak was coming.

-It was kind of strange to see him in person, since I have only ever seen him on TV, says Selina, who together with her sister was very pleased when, after the Christmas concert ‘Silent Night Holy Night’ in Tune church, had their picture with Rybak.
-He is very clever, and the concert was good. I have liked him for a long time. I didn’t want to go to the Christmas concert actually, but then Mom told me that Rybak was coming, Selina smiles.
In spite of the happiness she thought it was a little embarrassing to meet the star violinist.
-But it wasn’t scary. He was very kind,  the 10 year old says.

Versatile musical milieu.

Rybak tells SA that it’s very nice having the young fans.
-It’s good to see that the children can enjoy real music, the artist says.
He claims that the attendance of children at the concert in Sarpsborg was bigger than usual.

-We’ve had 42 performances like this by now, but I think there were exceptionally many children here today. I think that Østfold has a big interest for versatile music, Rybak says. He also gives praise to the young ones since they manage to stay awake.
– It’s great that they keep their attention. Often there’s an older audience present at Christmas concerts, but I am happy that the younger ones also could be here and not fall asleep, he laughs. Rybak also says that he hopes to return to Tune church.

Alexander Rybak julekonsert
Photo (left): Created the Christmas mood. A nice group of artists performed a concert in Tune church on Thursday evening. Here we see Elisabeth Andreassen singing. Photo (right): Praises for Tune church. Marian Aas Hansen very much enjoys singing in Tune church.

Known voices

However, Rybak was not alone on stage. In addition to him, the well established artists Marian Aas Hansen, Tor Endresen, Rune Larsen and Elisabeth Andreassen were present at the church. Of course they met a crowded church.
-This is just beautiful, it’s almost a little unreal that so many have come to see us, Marian Aas Hansen says. She is very thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of a Christmas tour.
-We get to visit so many nice places, and with this fantastic gang. I’m also happy that we have many fans, she says. Hansen also thinks that Tune church is a very good place to sing. It has good acoustics.
-It’s so open here, no columns or things that hinder the audience’s view. There’s also a fantastic sound. I wouldn’t mind coming back, Hansen says.

Satisfied audience

Emma Edvinson (16), who was among the viewers Thursday evening, finds that it’s great that distinguished artists are able to come to Sarpsborg.
-They are well-known people who usually perform at bigger places, so it’s nice that they come here too, she says. Edvinson is happy, she was one of people who had secured a ticket to the sold-out concert. She liked the varying repertoire that could offered everything from ‘Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’ to ‘Oh Holy Night’
-I got into the Christmas mood, and it was very good to listen to. This was inspiring, she says.

The 16-year old has been to concerts involving Rybak before, and was mostly looking forward to see him. She was positively surprised by the other artists.
-I have not heard much from the others before, but they were good. I would like to go to a Christmas concert like this again, she concludes.

Link to more pictures from the concert in Tune church HERE

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