Great review of Alexander & Bettan’s show in Tønsberg on 28.07.10

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The summer is ending,that is a fact, and last night last summer show had premiere at the Hotel Klubben. The two fiddlers Elisabeth Andreassen and Alexander Rybak had bet on a date to the stage that already has had three great shows to show off. Their show “Spellemenn” fits well into the rank of shows. First there was the Great Garlic Girls, then Kristian Valen, and then Lill-Babs on a quick visit. There is no doubt that Hotel Klubben is the winner as Tønsberg’s show venues this summer. The completion with Bettan & Rybak was tremendous.

The oldest was allowed to open the ball, of course. Bettan began with the beautiful melody of her countrymen Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, “Klinga mina klockor. Here she really demonstrated her enormous rhythmic security, and scope of the voice. Has she really sung better than what she was doing that night?

The voice is bell clear, her diction is a joy, every word is to understand when she sings. And in the talk between, she has some good stories to tell. Rybak enters the stage to the audience’s delight. He definitely has not lost any of his enormous popularity, and the two fiddlers sing a Andersson / Ulvaeus melody together, “Det er vi endå”, before Rybakk sings his ” Fairytale “, which actually is to endure when it still served with Rybak’s enormous energy.

Then it goes on in a mix of duets and own songs, and you are amazed how well the two, which in principle should be completely different, suits each other. But it is as fiddlers, that they have the clearest point of contact. Elisabeth Andreassen is still the one of them, who has the widest scope of repertoire. And that is not directly surprising.

Alexander Rybak has still a way to go, and he may have to decide what he really want to do in this world. When he plays the violin in classical way, he has a beautiful tone of the instrument as in “Blind-Karls vise”, “Visa vid vindens ängar” and the ballad “Skin” he delivered with a wonderful calm. Rybak has a natural timing when he sets the energy of the songs he delivered, when he does the talk between, and he has thankfully a nice self-irony that takes sting out of that it is a lot about his emotional life.

It takes completely of when they sing Dolly Parton’s “Nine two five” together, with the extremely well played 5 men band which is reinforced with three female violinists who both sing and dance. When Bettan complete with “Gabriellas sång “, hardly an eye was dry. At the encore all the musicians moved out among a rhytmic applauding audience, except for bassist of course, of natural reasons, singing “Nu mär jag mycket bättre”. But at that time the audience had already felt a lot better for a long time.

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