Got to play together with Alexander Rybak

The culture school students from Frøya and Hitra were so lucky to get to play with star violinist Alexander Rybak and the eminent TrondheimSolistene at this year’s New Year concert.

Source: Frø Published 5.1.2017. Text and photo: Lena Jørgensen.  Featured picture from this Gallery on Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett

It was a full packed “Storsal” who received Alexander Rybak and the TrondheimSolistene for the very popular annual New Year concert on Thursday night. And before the veterans took over the show, they had decided to offer a surprising treat for the local audience.

– You are Trøndelag’s biggest talents

They gave the culture school students from Frøya and Hitra the opportunity  to come up on stage to play a couple of songs with them. And on the last track the star violinist Alexander Rybak also joined them too. That gave the kids an experience of a lifetime, and will sure do wonders for the recruitment.

– Think that I should be so lucky to be greeted by a bunch of great violinists here. You are even Trøndelag’s biggest talents. I’m sure all of you will be talented musicians who can join the TrondheimSolistene eventually , smiled Rybak after his performance with the kids.

The culture school students from Frøya and Hitra were so lucky to get to play with star violinist Alexander Rybak and the eminent TrondheimSolistene at this year’s New Year concert.

Charmed the audience totally

TrondheimSolistene and Rybak offered a varied, nice and energetic musical experience, which clearly gave the audience value for money.

Alexander was primarily a violinist for the evening and got to really showcase what enormous talent he has. Along with the TrondheimSolistene he delivered a New Year concert of high quality.

Between the impressive pieces, the fiddle star of course used his charm and told some great stories and truly thanked for being invited to Frøya. That was well received by the audience.

– I always get great stories to tell my mom when I’m out here. Whether it is the trip along with a dairy farmer and “Frikar” in a small boat on the way to Mausund, or a concert at Sistranda school, there is always a warm audience who meets me. Thank you for letting me perform for you, said Rybak.


Alexander Rybak was in really good mood on stage in Frøya Cultural and Competence Center.


Finished with sing along

They played everything from Vivaldi to Alexander’s own variation of “Vi tenner våre lykter” (We light our lanterns),  and received a tremendous applause from a delighted audience along the way.

At the end they almost lifted the roof when they played the ESC-winning song from 2009 “Fairytale”. The evening ended with sing along and loud applause. We can just to start looking forward to the next New Year’s concert, for this was truly a great evening in the culture house.

Below you can watch a video from the concert:
Alexander Rybak and the  Trondheimsolistene of course had to perform the successful hit «Fairytale», and the audience gladly sang along.

You can read this article also in Hungarian.

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