“Good to have it done”! Article + 2 concert-videos from Bø Church Jan.10th 2012

Alexander Rybak had a bad conscience for a concert he lost in Bø before Christmas. Yesterday 10.01.2012, he made up for it with a mini concert and  half an hour of autograph writing

Article published in paper- edition of  Telemarksavisa 11.01 2012.

Written by Bjørnar Hagen Vika bhv@ta.no.

Found and translated by Laila Ulvseth


Good to have it done

A cancelled plane made Alexander Rybak miss a Christmas concert in Bø before Christmas. Last night he made up for it.
– It was sad to know that there was a town in Norway where I hadn’t completed my task, …I just had to do something about it,- Alexander said after yesterday’s mini concert in Bø church. Before Christmas he travelled around with Dennis Storhøi and Anne Vada with the concert tour Vinterbilder. Two weeks before Christmas, Bø was on the schedule, but when the artists came on stage, Rybak wasn’t there. Bad weather made him stuck in Munich.

Shortly after the Christmas concert, organist Rolf Axelsen Lie in Bø church, got a phone call from Alexander’s manager.

– He called and explained that Alexander was sad for not coming, and wondered if we had some kind of arrangement where he could play, as a consolation,- says Axelsen Lie. He didn’t really have any suitable arrangement, but he soon came up with something. – We came up with an annual tradition which started tonight. That is that all the choirs in Bø holds a church concert together, but whether Rybak turns up each year is a different matter,- he grins.

And rightly, the headliners were five choirs on the stage simultaneously. When they had sung, Rybak came on stage.
And the ESC-winner did not disappoint! In the beginning, he did a show with the fiddle, with funny stories between the songs. Then the 25-year old had cheated a little. He had brought a CD with the music except the violin and singing, which he did himself. After 4- 5 songs came the finale. Fairytale.
– I am really not used to spontaneous things like this, but I made up some stuff in the beginning, and things like this is incredibly fun to do for children. They don’t expect as much as adults do and appreciate it more. It’s cool to do things like this, it’s fun to be able to do it for free.

The signing line went from from the porch to the altar. There was probably signed hundreds of pictures and the artist shared willingly out hugs

After the concert, he took his time, wrote hundreds of autographs, gave a number of hugs, and stayed until the last autograph hunter had left the church. Some of the last ones were the three girls from the choir Ragazze, Helene Sæle, Henriette Bolan and Helene Nævdal Barlaup.

– It’s really cool of him to come here,- said the 15-year olds. – He is really good, the concert was really great and he is really funny,- they continued.
Rybak himself was relieved after a successful night in the middle of Telemark.

– I was very embarrassed not to make it to the concert, so it was nice to have this done- he concluded before he drove home to Oslo.


Videos recorded at Bø Church 10.01.2012


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  1. Is a beatiful concert,,,I like this ,,,Alexander’s good to know ,,,is very very nice congratualations Alex ,,,kisses and God Bless your friend Mary from Ecuador

  2. Hei,

    Ved siden av meg er det en eske som det står Alexander på med sølvskrift. Den fikk jeg til jul. Jeg husker hvem den var fra, men ikke hva som var inni. Uansett den står nå her. Jeg skal legge ut et nytt bilde på min fb-side, så får du sjekke ut hvordan det sto til med Hillen på Melhus Nyttårsaften. 🙂

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