“Gold, glitter and warm fishcakes.” Article about comming summer concerts in Tønsberg.

Article published in Tønsberg Blad paper issue on May 11th 2012

Written by Kristin Svensen. Photo: K. Håberg Allum.

Found by Sara Anja. Translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

Photo: Bettan, Alexander adn Didrik: The threesome Didrik Solli-Tangen (from left), Elisabeth (Bettan) Andreassen) and Alexander Rybak know each others from different events, but have never been on the same stage together. This summer they will do that in KLubben.

Tønsberg: Bettan and Rybak have had shows here earlier. Now they have been joined by Didrik Solli-Tangen, and promise tremendous summer shows at Klubben in July.

– Yes, this is a real show concert with three major artists representing a frenzied span. There will be pop, rock, great ballads, classical, opera, folksongs and typical summer songs – the whole spectrum, – Tom Sterri said.

He is the director of the show which opens the season at the Hotel Klubben this summer. A show that has been given the telling name “Bettan, Alexander & Didrik.”

Boat and speedboat

In the hall outside the banquet hall they are gathered for the occasion when the show will be launched. Sterri holding the fort on the sofa. Rybak has to pose for a TV photographer, and Didrik is answering an important email. And Elisabeth Andreassen is due to her previous experience ready for the press.

– I am very excited to come back to Tønsberg. I was here with Alexander the year before last, and have been here with Jan Werner (Danielsen) in the past – can not remember when it was. Maybe I’ll take the boat with me, – Bettan said. – I also bought a boat, a cool speedboat. Maybe I should bring it with met? I just have to find out if someone can lend me a berth, – Solli-Tangen says, who is not so well acquainted with the summer city as the other two. – I am looking forward to the fishcakes at the harbor – I buy them every day wrapped in kind of paper. Mmm. Crab and salmon warm fishcakes – that is summer, – Bettan says.

Humor and self-irony

The comments come easily when the three artists talk about summer, show and expectations. Alexander and Didrik know each other well already, as students at the Barratt Due Institute of Music. Bettan and Alexander have worked a lot together the last years. The new trio does not need much time to get acquainted. In common, they all have their connection to the grand Prix. The Five Men orchestra led by Øystein Lund Olafsen shall ensure full musical impact under the chandeliers in Klubben – In addition to that, the 3 artists contribute on various instruments.

– We will give the audience what they expect and some more, – Rybak says.
– We are not going to pile up the good ballads, – Didrik adds.

All these 3 carries warmth and soreness, but also a lot of humor. – We hope to see a small teardrop in the eye, whether it is by melancholy or of laughter, – director Sterri says. The show premieres on July 5.

 Photo: Together in both school and show: Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen are buddies from Barratt Due. This summer they well be togehter on stage in Klubben

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