” Funny little Prague ” – A report of the meeting in Prague (Feb. 2010) by the FaceBookie Marion K.

When I met Alexander in Berlin in December (2009) I really couldn’t imagine that I would meet him again so soon. We spoke to him about having a concert in Prague but I never thought that this would really happen but then the concert was announced a couple of weeks ago and for me it was sure that I had to be there NO MATTER WHAT! While I was packing my suitcase I found my “to-do-list” from my Berlin trip which was still lying on my desk under a couple of books and sheets. This gave me a weird feeling because Berlin was just like one week ago (although it’s now already three months ago). I still couldn’t believe that I would be going to Prague soon. (It’s funny because I’ve never been travelling sooo much in my whole life – and all that because of the FaceBookies who have been brought together by a certain smurf)! My journey started on Wednesday (the 24th of February) when I left Vienna for Bratislava to meet Zuzana.
She let me sleep at her place so I didn’t need to get up so early in the morning to catch the train PLUS travelling from Vienna to Prague over Bratislava is less expensive than the direct way! (You see, it’s also normal among FaceBookies to travel together or to give someone a bed to sleep for a night – We’re not a fanclub – we’re a big family). When I got up on Thursday in the morning I couldn’t get the grin off my face (neither could Zuzana) and I was already so excited about this day not knowing that it would be even better than it was in my imagination. At the train station in Bratislava we met Petronela and later on Lubomira in the train. GOSH – four and a half hour by train?!?! It seemed so endless but luckily we were travelling in a group so we also had a lot of fun. Finally arrived in Prague we went directly to the “Prague Square Hostel” (nice place to stay, I think)! While we were on the way to the Hostel I received a phonecall from Irena asking me where we were and telling us to hurry up to come to the Hostel. But why?! Is she planning something?! Some kind of suprise?! Hahahaha… and maybe the smurf will suddenly show up!! (SURE, Marion – dream on) XD
We arrived at the hostel and tried to greet everybody… Anastasia was the first one who was almost jumping at me (well not almost – she really was jumping on me)! Oh and there were so many new faces, I got slightly confused but I was also very happy to meet them all. And finally I also met Melanie (whom I took with me at the Meet&Greet I had won) – she gave me a tight hug right away. After a couple of minutes we went to a restaurant just around the corner – I think it was a nice idea that the FaceBookies had lunch together – but there was noooo smurf =( (LUCKILY there was no smurf because this would have freaked me out) We had already ordered our drinks and our lunch as a girl and a boy walked into the restaurant.
I looked first at the girl and it was strange that she looked sooo familiar and I probably looked for a couple of seconds at this boy until I realised that it was ALEX!!!! WHAT?!?! WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?!?! I HAVEN’T HAD TIME TO MAKE MYSELF LOOK NICE – I’VE JUST BEEN TRAVELING IN A TRAIN FOR FOUR HOURS!!!! NOOOOO!!!! SEND HIM BACK!!! THIS IS KILLING ME!!! And somehow I knew that something like this would happen although I didn’t want to believe it. Alex said “Hi everybody” and introduced us to Maria then! And seriously, Maria is a girl you simply have to love! She is pretty, very clever, talented, nice and down to earth!!! (I guess, everybody was relieved to see that Alex is now working with such a modest and sincere girl.)
They both sat down at Marianne’s table. Alexander seemed to be in a good mood and as far as I noticed he was joking and smiling. Actually he looked very relaxed like if he just had a little vacation. It was good to see him that happy (after punching the FaceBook wall one week ago)!! After five minutes I calmed completely down. You know, as a FaceBookie you somehow get used to having lunch with the smurf. =) I wasn’t nervous at all, everything was just okay then – I even made some fun of the whole situation. For instance when everybody tried to make some pictures (of his back) and showed me to make some way so they could take some proper pictures, Irena and I pretended to be the stars and we were posing behind Alexander’s back! (LOL)
I just let those people talk who are always talking and I looked at the suprised faces of those who never saw the smurf in real life. (Such as Mel, her face was just priceless – she was completely stoned!) Unfortunately I couldn’t hear what he was talking about but I *BONKED* when Marianne told me the next day that the smurf liked my “Prague-concert-promotion-video” 😀 (BUT… you SMURF (!!!) why didn’t you tell ME that you liked the videos.. I was just sitting behind you like 20 centimetres away!!! *GRRRR*) We gave the smurf a “I ♥ Prague” T-shirt (which was funny because we got signed “I ♥ NYC” T-shirts from him in Berlin) that everyone of us has signed and we offered him a bag for the shirt while Alex just gave it to Maria and said: “I usually just throw my stuff at Maria.” Since I was standing next to him in that very moment, I replied: “That’s not very gentlemen-like, Alex.” He looked at me and laughed (for the first time he laughed at a joke I made – which wasn’t even really a joke – rather a statement – but anyway). “Yeah, you know, I never am [being a gentlemen]” he said and I touched his wrist for a moment. “Mhhmmm… *speaking with a little annoyed tone* we noticed that!” 😛 And THAT smurf… he really payed for our lunch!!!!! -.- We didn’t even know that he was about to do that so it wasn’t even possible for us to say “Thank you”…. grrrr!!!!
Marion Kubek 7. marts kl. 18:00
So after the lunch some of us went back to the hostel to make ourselves look hot, sexy and fresh for the concert. After a short walk we stood in the line until Irena and Simone asked some of us to come with them for the meet & greet. So 10 of us and their best friends went outside to discuss some details!! Next *BONK* was when we saw Ulf-Arne standing outside the concert hall! He was there and he was real and I was sooo happy about that! In this moment I realised that I would go to a concert. It was weird to see Ulf-Arne standing there because all the time I felt the urge to scream and to hug him. (Nooo… don’t worry, I didn’t do so)
I don’t know how long it took until we could finally go to the meet and greet but when it was about to go I got a little bit nervous again. We went into the concert hall where they had just finished the soundcheck. I saw the band, the dancers and Alex. We sat down because the meet & greet was supposed to be a little interview with the smurf. The 10 winners had to ask Alex their question and I thought I’d completely mess this up but actually I was kinda cool and brave. *being proud of herself* 😀 So I said something like: bla bla bla “Will Ådne get his pants back?!” and after answering the question Alex was like “Thank you, Marion. Good question!!” (And OMG, it’s sooo hot to hear him pronouncing my name!!! *BONK*)
It was really funny to see Alex answer these questions! Alex was then allowed to pick his three fav. questions and ask these people a question as well. He also asked me… but simply where I know that [about Ådne’s pants] from. A really funny moment was when Ulf-Arne got involved into this interview because Alex asked him “How many girls have you denied to your hotel room?” “How many I have denied….?!” “Yeah!” Ulf-Arne thought about this for a second and replied then “NONE!!” and everybody burst into laughter! (But of course, Ulf-Arne was just joking!!!) We were than allowed to take some pictures with Alex etc. and while there were some people talking with the smurf Anders and Ulf-Arne came to us and we took that funny video (that most of you have already seen and that can be found on the FaceBookies YouTube channel) with them! I’m still laughing my butt off!
But then I walked up to Alex…. “Hi.. I bought something for you.. sorry that I didn’t have enough time to do something myself.” *Alex smiled* “Mhmm..” “Here I have some chocolate for you” *I gave him the bag of Mozartkugeln* *Alex looking at the bag* “Oh, I love Mozart…….. the composer” “So do I. I’m from Austria, you know.” “Of course, you are” (LOL… how did he know.. do I look Austrian?!?!) “And I also bought you this… *giving him the present* it’s a little Vodoo doll” “OH!!!!” *Alex took it and showed it to Dan* “Yeah, I thought since you have to fight so much…….” “I’m going to use this on Dan” “……and if this still doesn’t work…..” *touching his wrist and arm again* *BONK* “….you still have your FaceBookies who can kick other people’s butt for you” “Thank you so much” *Alex hugging me very tight and loooooong* *BONK* *BONK* *BONK*
Then we took a picture together and I went back to Ulf-Arne who was talking to Irena (I think). Ulf-Arne looked at me and smiled… and a few seconds later he was looking at me again… “You’re the one with the saxophone.” *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONK* Ulf-Arne explained that he meant my profile picture on FaceBook and Dan added something like that Ulf-Arne is remembering every face. But still I bonked so much because I only sent Ulf-Arne like three or four messages and he has NEVER EVER MET ME BEFORE (and I look somehow different from my profile picture)!!!! WOW!!! That just made me soo happy! But there is something I always wanted to ask Ulf-Arne. So I was like: “Is it true that you studied in Vienna?” “Yeah… how do you know?” he replied. (I think Irena said then that I’m a superspy *BUSTED*) I explained him that I read it on his YouTube channel. That was so funny for me!! I mean, thaaaat awesome Frikar dancer really studied here in myyyyy hometown. We spoke then a little bit about Vienna.. that he had a girlfriend from Austria, that he lived/studied here for a year – he lived in the 16th district. And when I told him where I am living he remembered some places – that was totally cool!!!!
After the meet and greet was over we were allowed to stay in the concert hall which means that I got directly to the first row!!! I had a perfect view on the stage, on Alex, the dancers and the band. Again it took some time until the concert started.. and then I heard “Springleik”…. WOW… it is really happening! The smurf suddenly appeared on the stage… smiling… happy… in a good mood… *BOOOONK* I got goosebumps and I was just smiling like an idiot!! He thanked the FaceBook Ladies and I thought… YEAH… IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! The whole concert was amazing… there wer soooo many funny moments… sooo many bonkable moments!!! I got completely nuts during Misirlou… Everybody was in a great mood.. I saw the faces in the audience, the dancers… the band… Alex… everybody was grinning! AND OOOMG… during the last song Roll With The Wind when Alex said bla bla bla amazing audience etc. and he puts his mic into the stand, waves at the audience… I raised my left arm and waved as well BUT then he came to me and HE KISSED MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONK* And he has those sooooooft lips that are not too dry or wet!!!!!! *phew* *faint* (Yeah, after the concert I was all the time like “HE KISSED MY HAND! OMG! HE KISSED MY HAND”)
The concert was over but everybody stayed there. We were partying… jumping… dancing… cheering… Anders came out and Ulf-Arne as well. We took pictures and suddenly I saw Hilmar and Torfinn who were dancing with us!! AND OMG… believe me they were dancing sooo nicely and cute! I also got a picture with them! Trygve was there too… also dancing!!! *giggle* (And Trygve is really a good dancer – kinda hot)! They all had a great time!!! As soon as it wasn’t too crowded around Torfinn and Hilmar I walked up to them and I stood between them! “So did you enjoy the audience?” Both were very happy! I looked at Torfinn, who was very tall and cute. “You know.. you’re one of the best bass players I know.” He thanked me and blushed a little. I turned over to Hilmar and I was like “Yeah.. and you are of course one of the best keyboard players I know” *Hilmar pretended to wipe away some tears and gave me a hug* LOL… he is just so funny!
Torfinn asked me if I am from Prague and I told him that I am from Vienna. It was very nice to hear that Torfinn has been to Vienna once about 20 years ago and Hilmar said that he wants to visit Vienna someday! Hilmar told me (which I also heard from Odd some time ago) that they were supposed to play in Vienna last September but… well… I explained Hilmar that Alex is completely unknown in Austria (he almost couldn’t believe that) so he asked me if I know Alex from Eurovision and also if I liked Didrik Solli-Tangen! Then I started to talk with him about other bands he is working with (such as Eliksir)! Trygve came up to us and I asked him if he brought me the [Thelma and Clyde] CD I asked for! He said no but he just told me that I should send him my address and he would send me one!!! WHAT A NICE GUY!!! =) [You see… “Thelma and Clyde” is Trygve’s own music project – some kind of Electronic / Trip Hop which I looooove a lot and I just asked him some time ago for a CD! And since I’m sure that my FaceBookie Friends won’t mind I will also write down the link to their website here: http://www.myspace.com/thelmaandclyde ]
Hilmar and I also spoke about his family. He told me that he is going to be father for the third time in March!!! He was soooo cute!!! Hilmar told me that he and Torfinn are both married, that Odd has a girlfriend and Trygve is the only single… “That’s good to know” I said!!! 😀 Well, and they all hugged me before they left! I have to say, they ALL are good huggers… they hug very tight and firm (must be something Norwegian) I liked that!! And they’re soo nice!!
Marion Kubek 7. marts kl. 18:00
I saw that Ulf-Arne stood at the bar (typical Ulf-Arne standing at the bar with some beer and a cigarette – LOL ) so I went up to him to talk a little. I told him that I really liked the dancing and well, we spoke about several topics… about Alex and why I like him, about Frikar, about other projects of Ulf-Arne. He spoke very nicely and he is just sooooo multitalented and no matter what topic we spoke about he always referred to Austria… “In Austria it is this way…” “In Austria… ” and so on – I WAS VERY PLEASED about that!! 😀 AND THEN – It was so embarrassing… when Ulf-Arne and I took another picture together… I was standing very close to him… and then…. I gave him a tiny kiss on the cheek!!! I DON’T KNOW WHY I DID THIS!!!! AND I CAN’T EVEN BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL BECAUSE I WASN’T DRINKING ANY!!!! (I might have the chance that he actually doesn’t remember that because he was drinking ‘some’ alcohol!!!) I’m feeling sooooooo ashamed!! (But on the other hand… he has got a very kissable cheek… and who wouldn’t do the same?! Have you ever seen Ulf-Arne?!?! He’s a real MAN with muscles!! *melting* *phew* 😛 )!!!!!
It was a long day and I was BONKING-IN-A-ROW due to so many reasons! =) On one hand I was full of energy but on the other hand I was just very tired and I almost felled asleep on the walk back to the hostel. As soon as we arrived at the hostel and as soon as it was calm around me I couldn’t sleep. I was just staring at the ceiling thinking of what happened the day before (of course it was AFTER midnight when we finally got to sleep). And this reminded me a lot of the night in Berlin where I couldn’t sleep either – I just kept staring at the ceiling and tried to remember everything. Although I didn’t sleep much I was completely awake the next day and still full of energy (sooo much energy and good feelings that I needed a cold shower to calm down)! And I really didn’t know that the new day would begin with a *MAJOR BONK*: We were all standing outside when Irena gave me an envelope. I thought… Okay, maybe another card to sign for somebody who couldn’t come. But then I realised that this envelope is for me. Am I the only one to get such an envelope?! Everybody was looking at me and I got more and more suspicious and confused. I opened the envelope and there was a card in it – Have I missed something? Have I missed my own Birthday?! No… can’t be.. my birthday is in August!! I read the card and I couldn’t believe it – I had even problems in finishing reading the card because my eyes quickly turned wet and I couldn’t see the letters anymore. “We love you” – and OMG it was so good to hear that. I am still speechless. I am loved by so many people and it just feels sooooo good. I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the card and those nice words when Simone suddenly gave me a parcel.
What?! Again, my birthday is in August, isn’t it?! (At that moment I wasn’t that sure anymore). I opened the parcel and it turned out that they bought me the coolest video editing software ever: Magix Video Deluxe 16!!! *BONK* *MAJOR BONK* I was deeply touched by this seriously… how can you, FaceBookies do this to me?! Gosh!! I just can’t describe how happy you made me with this surprise!! THANK YOU ALL… SO MUCH!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! Oh.. and the weather on that Friday?! It was cold and raining!! -.- That proves our theory that the weather is only nice where the smurf is because on Thursday it was sooooo warm and sunny that you could already smell the summer. You could still see the sparkles in everybody’s eyes and every one of us was busy talking about the concert and the pictures and videos that have been taken. We made a little walk together and Jitka was our brilliant sightseeing tour guide. Actually, it was funny for me, because I didn’t had the urge to see much of the city (although Prague is really wonderful) – I think I was probably afraid of being too impressed of Prague so my brain would delete some wonderful scenes of the concert (–> Yeah, this is how a FaceBookie is thinking. Weird, isn’t it?!)
I love the part where everybody was just telling about their feelings of the last day. It is interesting to hear those different opinions and how different everybody experienced this event. The evening was full of fun and discussions!!!! We had one of our LEGENDARY parties. Everything was so typical for us FaceBookies: Sweets and Snacks from all around Europe, some Alcohol the FaceBookies singing, dancing, cheering and laughing their butts off!! It was the “Nice Butt” –Thread just in real life and even better! I was moved to tears and got these goosebumps again watching so many people from so many different nations getting along so well – even the new ones! Some of us may have some very complex feelings for this but I think we can be simply described as a big family who has known each other for years! At some point I had mixed feelings because some of the girls were already leaving which is usually the hardest part of these meetings.
Saying “Good bye” is already hard but it’s even harder when you’re not sure when you would be able to see each other again. As a FaceBookie you can’t just say “See you next week” like you would say it to a family member. Usually, we don’t know when ‘the next meeting’ would be – luckily they’re sometimes sooner as you can imagine, but you never really know!!! :’( On the next day we all went for breakfast together into a nice restaurant just next to the hostel. And everybody got calm. Some of us made some pictures and we hugged each other several times. For some it was time to leave Prague and the FaceBookies bunch. (Do never forget to take enough tissues with you to FaceBookies meetings – you need them). Crying, wiping away tears and hugging is on the contrary (of our usual mood) but also typical for FaceBookies!
We made one last walk through the city before Zuzana, Lubka and I left Prague at about 3.30 p.m. – we again had a long journey by train but we were also laughing so much talking about the smurf, Frikar, the band, the concert and the FaceBookies who invaded Prague. I seriously could tell by the face of the other passengers in the train that they were annoyed by our laughter and giggling and I heard them sighing happily when Zuzana and I left the train in Bratislava! It was around 8 p.m. and I was waiting in Bratislava for my bus home to Vienna. For the first time I was alone after this adventure – this is usually the time for me when I start to cry and also to laugh about the things that happened. I didn’t even care about the people looking at me if I was completely nuts laughing alone at the bus station. It was about 12 p.m. when I finally came back home.
Vienna was cold. There was no magic in the air like in Prague. Of course.. the first thing I did was logging into Facebook – still with jacket I was sitting at my PC (But I took my jacket then off – still typing with one hand –> again, very typical for a FaceBookie)! Then writing a few messages, taking a looong shower, drooling over the pictures I made and installing my new video software. Half of the night I tried to replay every moment of the last days. The concert itself was great but I think it wouldn’t have been that special for me if there wasn’t so many laughs on the stage and among the FaceBookies. Because, we all already know Alex’ “Tell me your name on three”-trick or the “It’s my favourite song of all time – I’ve written it by myself”-joke or the “Playing Fairytale and stopping the music completely”-trick. But watching the smiling and stunned faces of the FaceBookies, and the happy faces of the band, or Alex who was tickling Hilmar or Ulf-Arne who almost wanted to undress Anders during “Kiss and Tell” – all these moments made this concert unique!!!!!
Was this meeting with the smurf different from the last time in Berlin?! Oh, yes it WAS different. And it’s funny because I thought that the lunch in Berlin was already perfect. This time Alex was soooo much more relaxed and happy. He didn’t seem tired. I remember from Berlin that I wanted to have the smurf back… right now… just after he left us. For me there was just something missing. And this time I got my concert, I could talk to him, hug him and I was completely satisfied. I wasn’t that sad when he left it was just okay!! For several days now I got an amazing boost in energy – I know I could rule the world if I wanted. These days in Prague were full of BONKS… or BONKING-IN-A-ROW (as I would call it)! And it definately was the combination of everything… meeting the FaceBookies… (especially meeting the new FaceBookies along with our Mini-Viking and future-to-be-FaceBookie =) )having lunch with the smurf… meet&greet with the smurf… the concert (!!!!!!!).. meeting the Frikar dancers… meeting the band!!! Everything was just so AMAZING!!! And seriously it was the best pop-concert I’ve ever been to!! And one of the best days of my life!!!!!!!!! Soooo…. Thank you FaceBookies! Thank you Hilmar, Odd, Torfinn and Trygve! Thank you Ulf-Arne and Anders! Thank you Team Rybak! And thank you Alexander!!

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  1. Thank you, Marion, for so interesting report.
    Julia, I support you, welcome to Ukraine!
    I will be very glad to meet all of you, you seems to be (of course you are) nice and cheerful girls 🙂

  2. Marion!!!! You’re soooo brilliant report-writer!:))))) Thank you sooooo much!
    At least I can imagine the whole picture of Meet&Greet;)) Thank you, girl! And please, come to Ukraine some day! Miss you!:)

  3. Marianne! Вы автор? Замечательный рассказ! Уже ночь,а я всё читаю.Вы как всегда ,с юмором! Спасибо!

  4. Marion Kubek. You are a great reporter and a wonderful writer…among all your other talents..I have great expectations to you in the future!!!

    Thank you so very much for writing this report..it brings back my memories and helps me enjoy them once more..

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