Fundraising for tour in the USA with Alexander Rybak

Great news for fans of Alexander Rybak in the USA! There is a big chance that he will go on tour in the USA in the summer of 2014! Today we learned that the Nannestad Culture School arranges a flea market to finance their trip to the USA with Alexander! Here are several articles about that event, found by the facebookies-agents!

“Fleas” for Rybak

Article from the paper issue of “Romerikes Blad”

Published on 11.09.13

Found by Ulli C. Translated by Tessa Lande. English revising by Katie Anderson.

Nannestad: The Nannestad School of Culture is celebrating it’s 45 year anniversary by going to the United States with Alexander Rybak next summer. For this trip the students need some money. Therefore, the FAU (parents council working committee) at the culture school have arranged a flea market in Storhallen in Nannestad Councilhouse on Saturday and Sunday,- says Ellinor Lauritsen, principal of the culture school. Anyone who has any fleas to spare, please contact us.

Flea market for USA trip

Article in “Eidsvoll Ullensaker Blad”, paper issue from 11.9.13

Author: Magnar Haraldsen

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. English revising by Katie Anderson.

 Fleas. Gunn Westad, leader of the FAU at Nannestad Culture School, promises lots of nice things at the Flea Market at the council house this weekend. Rikke Sofie Hoff (left), Sara Korsmo Werner and Lina Korsmo Werner helped here at the reception of fleas last week.On Saturday and Sunday Nannestad Culture School invites you to a big Flea Market in Nannestad Council House.

We have already got a lot of exciting things, says Gunn Westad, the head of FAU.

Nannestad Culture School organizes a tour in the U.S. for some of the students this summer.
The Culture School is 45 years old and it should be celebrated. There will be students from 13 to 19 years old and from all professions going on this trip. “We will attend the Nordic Fest in Decorah, the Norwegian Church in Minneapolis, and several other places”,- says Ellinor Lauritzen, the principal of Doylestown Culture.


Rybak will travel with the students from Nannestad to the US, and take part in the concerts in Decorah at the Nordic Fest.
– He will perform with us at the shows. We are in the process of planning with Alexander. He is excited about going on tour with us. Although he has many other concerts and tours next summer,- Lauritzen says. – It is seldom you meet an artist who cares so much about kids as he does.


At the flea market Saturday and Sunday there will be lots of exciting things.
– There will be a lot of “fleas” like furniture, clothing, toys, bicycles, skis, vinyl records, books, ornaments and trinkets,
yes everything, we even sell cakes, Lauritzen said. The Culture School students, who will be part of the U.S. tour, entertain both Saturday and Sunday. Lots of nice fleas have already been received.

Students and parents together have taken this as a major volunteering event. They have provided info tags in mailboxes, collected fleas, and stored and exhibited in the hall at the council house, the headmaster said. The leader of FAU, Gunn Westad, helped out with receiving fleas last week.
We have already received loads of incredibly nice things, but we want more. Appliances, we unfortunately can not accept,- Westad says.
– If someone wants to provide fleas to us and support the FAU and their student’s Culture Tour to the United States, they can deliver the fleas on Thursday or Friday at the backside of the council house.

 Advertising poster for Flea Market on September 14-15 in Storhallen

Made by Nannestad Culture School 


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  1. Finally! I can’t wait! It’s been too long, I was already thinking about flying over seas to see you in concert. It’s a great thing you’re doing working with kids Alex, you’re leaving a lasting impact on their lives, God bless you for that. Can’t wait to see more of your work 🙂

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