Christmas full-speed ahead for Rybak! 17th December 2010

Christmas at full-speed ahead for Rybak

 Article by Ann Turi Ford. Published on 17.12.2010. Link to original article in Norwegian here. Photo: Wiggo Larsen, Demokraten/ANB

Translation: Marianne Saietz, article revision: AnniJo

After a rather hectic autumn, Alexander Rybak is swinging home for Christmas.

Half-way through his self-produced tour “Swinging Home for Christmas”, the multi-talented artist from Oksval can rejoice about his supportive audience and some great reviews. “A golden voice with a golden violin” and “a solid show”, Romsdals budstikke from Rb.nett writes to describe Rybak’s shows. “The live band-version of beloved christmas classics, without any worn-out songs. Makes one’s nape hairs rise”, Sunnmørsposten wrote.

Multiple Roles

Rybak is aware that some say that he has taken on too many responsibilities for this tour, including taking on the roles of a producer, organiser and artist, as well as for being financial responsible for everything .”Yet I don’t regret it for a second,” he assures.

This week, Rybak has visited Lillehammer and Hamar, and this coming weekend he will head for his home region.
On Saturday and Sunday, he plans to play in Kolben at Kolbotn. Monday and Tuesday, the Christmas show continues at Chat Noir, before he wraps up his show in Drammen, a few days before Christmas.

— The Christmas concerts are a success. All the halls have been almost full, and both children and adults are having a good time. I feel I have a very worthy Christmas concert and that is how it should be — Rybak says. While he could have saved money by touring with just one guitar player,  instead he brought along 11 musicians with him.

A True Christmas.

— This is how it really becomes Christmas. The audience can roar with laughter, and then shed some tears at the more touching songs.

He appreciates that everybody participates when he performs a sing-along, and that all the children walk out with a smile on their face when the show is over.
Even those who can not visit Kolbotn or Oslo can still get a little “Rybak” in their Christmas spirit this year:

Television Appearance on Friday.

This Friday evening, the artist’s participation in Beat for Beat’s Christmas Special  will be aired on NRK1.

— I am very happy, to be a part of Beat for Beat, because I think that Christmas is the most natural time to share music with everyone, he says.

“Swinging home for Christmas” is the concert he had always dreamed of making. — So this year, I will be celebrating Christmas eve with a good conscience. But it will only be with mom and dad and Cindy as usual.

Photo: Wiggo Larsen, Demokraten/ANB

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