Franklin Calleja – “Still Here”

This weekend it’s the semi-final and final of Malta’s national selection for Eurovision 2015. Franklin will perform as number 3, and the semi-final starts Friday at 20.50 CET. Watch it online on

Alexander Rybak, who is the composer of the song, said this about Franklin on his FB page recently:

“Whatever the competition, and no matter who wins in the end, I sincerely believe that Franklin Calleja has the strongest and most interesting voice in the country of Malta, and I hope that people will understand his great talent for music and help him to the world stage (he is just as amazing live as he is on this video). And if I can help him with this song, I’m truly happy!”

We wish both Franklin and Alexander the best of luck, and those of you who live in Malta;  don’t forget to vote!




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