First concert, then girlfriend – Interview in June 24th, 2010

Article published on 24.6.2010

Author: Hege Støtvig. Photos: Anne Charlotte Schjøll.

Translation by Marianne Saietz
Article revised by Anni Jowett

 Thriving: Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen feel they are among their own and thrive in the company of the Marine Music. Friday they will be on stage together, at the annual Firework-concert at  Karljohansvern.

First Concert – Then Girlfriend!

HORTEN: Alexander Rybak wishes for a girlfriend. He will try to make that happen this summer,  but first: The Firework-concert in Horten.

Yesterday  Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen had rehearsals with the Marine Music in Horten. Friday they will be on stage for the annual Firework-concert at Karljohansvern. The concert is announced as a family party by the  Festspillene.  The fact that great weather and  a record audience is expected at the concert on Friday, does not affect Rybak and Solli-Tangen very much.

–  It is going to be awesome, no matter what! Even if there is only an audience of ten. What we are going to do is quite unique, says  Rybak. – Come to the concert,  encourages Solli-Tangen.

Very good

Rybak and Solli-Tangen praise the Marine Music after the rehearsals. – They are very good. Good conductor. It is lovely to speak the same language, and I think they appreciate musicians who know what they want from the orchestra, says Rybak. During the rehearsal of the piece  «Torna a Surriento» it was easy to get chills down the spine. –
Yes, it is a dramatic piece. It is an eruption of emotions, – says Solli-Tangen.
– We have to go there sometime. To Sorrento, –  he says to Rybak.

Broke the fiddle.

Rybak admits that being an artist, can be a little hard. – When the team around me cancelled a concert this Monday, I was relieved- he says.
This week he caught the attention of the media, after having broken a fiddle and left the stage during the rehearsals for a concert at Liseberg in Göteborg.
– Luckily, it was a cheap one that was ruined, says an open Rybak.
Now he is ready for a concert again. – One night off, was just what I needed. I was ready again yesterday, he says.
 Commitment: Conductor Ingar Bergby directed Alexander Rybak, Didrik Solli-Tangen and the marine-musicians through the rehearsals yesterday.


After the concert on Friday, they both wish for a vacation. – I will have vacation, but Alexander is not so good at that,- says Solli-Tangen. -I think, I will have to take care of him, so he gets some vacation,- he says.

– Yes, there might be something there, – says Rybak.
He says he wants very much to find a girlfriend. He says he is tired of searching. If he could decide what he would do this summer, it would be finding a girlfriend.
– I think, you should stop looking. Then I think, it would get solved. That is my experience,- says Didrik Solli-Tangen. – It is much easier, to find a girlfriend, if you are not looking.
– Yes, but I think you are always looking,- says Rybak.  So even if you don´t plan to do it, you are looking anyway!
– Do you have a girlfriend, Didrik?
– Next question! Haven´t you heard, that I don´t talk about that? No, it is just, that I have a principle, to not discuss my private life with the media.
– Me neither,- says  Rybak and smiles and laughs. – Perhaps, I should have a vacation at Tjøme this summer,- says Rybak.  He says he has thought of wandering a little around this summer, but he hasn’t planned where yet.
– Tell me when, and I will come with you, says Solli-Tangen.

– Not us, who cancelled

Tonight there should have been a Firework-concert in Skien for the first time. The concert was cancelled by the organisers, due to lack of financing
–Those, who have tickets for that concert, are welcome at Karljohansvern tomorrow, says Svein Eriksen, manager of Vestfoldfestspillene.
The artists say they would have loved to give concert tonight.
– I think, it is sad, that it is written that we cancelled. It is too bad, says Solli-Tangen.
– But this will probably just make the concert on Friday even better, says Rybak.
Video from an earlier article about the rehearsals.
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Link to the earlier article, with the original video. The  text is the same as in this article, just shorter.

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