“Nebesa Evropy” (Russian version of “No boundaries”)

On December 23rd, the long awaited Russian version of  “No boundaries” album was released in Ukraine!:)) And now it is available to buy and delivery WORLDWIDE!:))))


1. Небеса Европы (“Europe skies” )

2. Я влюблен! (“I’m in love” )

3. Стрела Амура (“Oah” )

4. Катрин (“Why not me”)

5. Barndance

6. Как ты красива сегодня (“5000 letters” )

7. Лишь на миг (“Dare I say”)

8. Disney girls

9. First kiss

10. Why not me

11. Oah

12. Europe skies

13. I’m in love

14. Dare I say

15. 5000 letters

Links to buy on-line:





(promo-video by Ukrainian facebookie  Sveta Plyasun)


11 thoughts on ““Nebesa Evropy” (Russian version of “No boundaries”)”

  1. wow! can anybody tell me where can I found the cd to download? since I live in Mexico, jeje, I don’t think there’s a chance they’ll sell it over here… XP

  2. Lily, пока точно не известно. Скорее всего к концу февраля…

  3. wow! I really love the russian versions! ♥♥♥ I wish this album was released in Greece too.. but it is impossible since “No Boundaries” weren’t released either.. :(:(

  4. Fabulous video!!!!!! I love the songs both in english an russian!!! Although it might seem funny, impossible or too hard to happen, I would like to listen to Alexander singing even for a second something greek.

  5. @Janina, we don’t know yet. It even haven’t been released in Russia, only in Ukraine. We’ll keep you updated;)

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