Fan report from Alexander Rybak’s Concert in Poland: 07/09/2019

In September 2019, Alexander returned to Poland to perform at a free outdoor concert in one of Warsaw’s parks to celebrate the end of the summer holidays.
Alexander’s fans in Polish Rybak’s Mafia were there and delightedly tell us about their celebrations…

Anna, Dorota, Magda and Agnieszka were very excited about Alexander’s concert in Warsaw.

Last year the concert was cancelled but this year everything went right.

On Saturday at 2 pm there was a rehearsal. We were already there, as we had started to gather before the concert. We listened to the songs and realised that the concert was going to be amazing. We had balloons with the inscription – “Polish Rybak’s Mafia”. We danced a little bit to the rhythm of the music. The Bemowo amphitheatre is located in the Górczewska park, many people were walking in the park and they stopped to listen to Alex’s songs.
About two hours before the concert we were in front of the amphitheatre again.

About 40 members of Polish Rybak’s Mafia had declared they would attend the concert. It’s difficult to say exactly how many of us were there. We could get lost in this crowd. There were those who were in the fanclub from the very beginning and also some new members. It was really cool to have this reunion of the Polish fans of Alexander.

There was a wonderful atmosphere. We were waiting, talking and laughing. It was great that we could all meet because of Alex again. Long queues of people lined up at the entrances to the amphitheatre. The amphitheatre was full.

Alex was cheerful. He was sparkling on the stage. He tried to speak to us in Polish and he said a lot more Polish sentences than ever before. The dancers of “Time to Show” joined him on stage and were awesome, as always. There were fireworks and streamers. People had a great time, danced, waved balloons, sang with Alex, and even without him when “That’s How You Write a Song” was played and he left the stage for a short time. Alex was delighted to hear it 🙂

Dorota had been in touch with the organisers and had the opportunity to talk to the mayor of Bemowo before the concert. It turned out that the mayor also had been a fan of Alex’s for 10 years. 

It was planned to have a meeting after the concert, which both the organisers and Alex had agreed to. Unfortunately, it was reduced to a minimum and only a few people had a chance to meet him. At this meeting Alex said that on that day we celebrated not only the concert but also 10 years of one of his most faithful fan clubs, that he was proud that we have been supporting him for so many years, and he wished us another 10 years together.

Generally speaking the whole concert was amazingly wonderful , every single song had its own charm.  And we think the setting of the concert was beautiful too. We are looking forward to such concerts in the future and we hope they will come.

Anna, Dorota, Magda and Agnieszka


Blanka Michałek had just come back from a holiday (2days before).

Everyone was ready for this Saturday 7th September!

On Saturday I met a lot of my close friends and we got ready in my flat-room in Warsaw.

We weren’t in a rush, because our other friends had saved places for us in the queue. Approximately 2 hours before the concert we ate a delicious pizza and drank beer.

We were in a great humour because we all love meeting up together. When we arrived at the amphitheatre the queue was… LOOONG! I saw a lot of familiar faces 🙂 It was such a great feeling.

I don’t know how many people were there, but there were definitely a “WOW” amount! (The maximum capacity is 2000 so maybe close to this?!)

The amphitheatre was also big and everything looked amazing! Before the show we received an info that the meeting was cancelled, that made us sad, so we decided to do something about it! We did our best to repair this and soon the info was a little bit different- Alex agreed for a reduced amount of people- max.10 .

The concert was really REALLY amazing! Maybe a bit too short, but it brought a lot of nostalgia!

Me and my friends decided to make another party-show, so our row were dancing and singing like nobody’s watching/listening. Alex noticed this and pointed.

What was cool is that he spoke a lot in Polish! More than ever… proud!

My favourite part was then he started to sing “Old Maple”- I love his version of this song and had almost forgotten about this. He sang so perfectly and nostalgia came to me so deeply… it was touching and I had tears in my eyes!

He did his best, as always! He smiled, flirted with the audience etc. Even though he was in a bad shape, nobody noticed it! 

As well as the familiar songs there were a lot of special effects like fire, fireworks, confetti.

The biggest party was during Eurovision Medley, especially when Lordi’s song came in.  I had such great fun with my friends and I was as tired as hell!

After the concert was a meeting (let’s call it that) it was such a short meeting with too many people there like photographers. 12 people came in, Alex said something to sum up those 10 years and the Mafia’s anniversary but everyone rushed him and us… that was quite rude. There were some group photos and that’s all. Even he agreed for more people to be let in, the security inside decided differently…

Anyway, I appreciated his willingness to meet fans, even though he was not in good shape and recently he is not so keen on meetings. 

After the concert, me and my friends went by the Vistula river to take some drinks and make a toast for the next amazing 10 years!

Blanka Michałek


For one of the fans, Kinga it was the first time she had seen Alexander perform live, and she made a lovely YouTube Vlog to record her experiences. Join her on her journey here :-

Set subtitle settings to auto translate for your own language.

In addition to the famous “Fairytale”, we also heard the Eurovision medley and some classics of world music.
It took 10 years for me to finally see his live performance. An artist whose work had a huge impact (at that time) on my interest in Eurovision, but also in Norway itself. Today, despite the fact that I prefer completely different music genres, sentiment remains and this is one of the few pop artists I listen to.


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