How to contact Alexander Rybak – fanmail address

Alexander Rybak answering fanmail



Alexander Rybak 
Bakkegårdsveien 6
1450 Nesoddtangen

If you would like an autograph in return, you must include a ready stamped envelope to your country of residence and with your address upon it.  Alexander does his very best to reply all fans, however we must inform you that we cannot guarantee a response.

Important: Please send your letters via regular post and NOT
as certified/registered mail.


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  1. Hi everybody .I have a question . Here we have an adress to send alexander letters but i want to know if ther is an email adress or not ? and if there is , who’s responsible for that ? I’ll be thankful if you ansawer me .

    1. Hi there. No, there is no email address for fanmail, only the post address. And Alexander is moving to USA for almost a year to finish his studies soon, and he will probably only be home a few times during that year. So if you expect a reply you will have to be very patient.

  2. Hi Alex. I dont think you may aswer me, i just like to tell you that im so privilege i found you long time ago, with your first videos, and music surouding that incredible gift you have, i follow you and will be forever, i just watch your Til Julie video and make me cry, that interpretation in piano with that unik filling you put that get into my heart so deep.
    Thanks for exist my one favorit best violinist, piano, composer and great artist.
    You are a gifted talented prodigy friend.

  3. Hi Alex,

    I love all of your songs. You are a AMAZING singer. I love you so much. You are my idol of whom i look up to and when ever i am upset i put your songs on and they cheer me up and make me simle. ☺

    1. Hi Fiona, this is a fansite and Alexander doesn’t answer here. About comming to France, we have no other info than his official event calendar, and by now there is nothing about France.

  4. Is there anybody who could answer my question?

    “Does Alexander only answer to each fan once?”
    I’ve quested in ASK US too , but there was no answer…..can anybody tell me wether he will answer to my e-mail again????

      1. Not sure what you meant with “registrered mails”. Alexander doesn’t have an email adress for fans. You can only reach him by regulare mail 🙂

        1. I mean this written above by you:
          “Important: Please send your letters via regular post and NOT
          as certified/registered mail.”
          So I mean postal letter, too, not e-mail. 🙂

        2. Registrered mail that is not picked up at the Post Office within the deadline, usually returns to sender.

    1. You mean if you send him a letter more then once? Don’t think he has any rules for that. He answers the letters he gets when he has time .

      1. Not, I sent a registered mail, but only once. 🙂 There was a mistake in my message, sorry.
        Then, do you think, it’ll return to me?
        Wait and see… Thanks for your answer.

        1. The reply about “sending more then one letter” was meant for a girl’s question above yours. Sorry it ended up in the wrong place.
          And yes, you just have to wait and see if your letter will be returned. And maybe it is picked up too, you never know, even if it’s just a tiny little chance for that.
          Good Luck 🙂

  5. Thank you so much!!!!!!although we have lots of internet connection problems and facebook fiktered here,trying so tough to find a way to cantact with him DOES worth it!

    Thankyou soooo much Julia!!! A big kiss to you:*

    1. You mean if you send him a letter more then once? Don’t think he has any rules for that. He answers the letters he gets when he has time .

  6. Hi Mr. Rybak ; I mean,hey Alexander!(however youre 14 years old older than me wich means this distance is more than my age!!!but still I keep calling you alex:) )
    If you’ve ever check the comments here you would’ve undrestood that I’m one of your best & strongest fans from Iran! Wait…The problem is right here! Im in Iran! And all other fans are here waiting for a miracle! But I guess you dont believe in miracles..My friend has arrived to Sweden few days ago and is waiting for you to go there,so she will tak a signature from you for me!!!!!
    Its really a tragic that every time I check your official fansite you have a concert in Europe or elsewhere..even turkey but no sign of Iran and that sometimes really makes me cry:(
    I dont wether you’ve even read my comment,but again I say thats the hope that makes this life beautiful:)
    Wish you the best:*
    Kiana ,
    A 13year old iranian pianist..

    1. @kiana, Alexander checks this website from time to time, but it’s not possible for him to answer to every comment (and it’s not easy to find comments in this crowded place). So I suggest you to try to contact him personally, by sending letter to the fan-mail address. Also if you have account on Facebook, you can subscribe to his Official Facebook page, where he posts and answers to comments from time to time. Here is the link:

  7. Hello everyone!
    I have a little question …
    Who can fans contact with Alex from Iran ???
    Please answer!
    I love you all <3

  8. hallo Alexander rybak!
    Ich finde deine Musik einfach Super.
    Habe mir gleich zwei cd’s gekauft.
    Mach weiter so .
    Vielleicht währe ein bisschen mehr
    Werbung in Deutschland nicht verkehrt.
    Ich habe meiner Schwester deine cd
    Gezeigt und sie konnte sich doch an das
    Tolle Lied fairytales erinnern.
    Viel Erfolg noch.
    L.g. Lydia aus Gießen

  9. How many times have I listened to your songs? I really can’t figure out. Words are not that much to describe my love to your music. Alex! What a funny guy.

  10. Hey Sascha/ Alex/ Alexander (I’m not quite certain which you prefer to be called)
    I am from Australia and absolutely love your music. It would be absolutely amazing if you came for a tour in Australia. And not just for me, I have many friends and people I know who would do anything to see you perform (I for one).
    If that is not possible, I want to say thanks for creating such beautiful music.
    Love, Bek.

  11. hi.alex i love you very much.please tell me how can i chat with you.i one of your best fans.i love to talk with you. i,m from…………. .

  12. I’m sorry so much for ….myself.
    I know that you never can’t come to Iran . It’s very bad happen . And another things is that I can’t download most of your songs and pictures…. .

  13. Hey Alex. I would like to see u in swizzerland. I’m from Norway too but my parents wanted to move to swizzerland I don’t know why and I feel sad about that because if I would live in Norway I could come to your concerts, but here I couldn’t, so please give an concert in swizzerland=)

  14. hi,, can we send to alex something more than just a letter by these address?
    Alexander Rybak
    Kapellveien 84
    N – 1450 Nesoddtangen
    is this his postal addres?

  15. Well i hope to come in greece and see you because you came only one time 3 or 4 days ago … i saw you on tv and i was crying because …. anyway everyday i search for songs or videoclips of you and i wish you could come here to greece !! in salonicaa !!!! Don’t go to athens come to salonicaa !! pleasee !!

    1. @nena, info about his recent visit to Greece was announced on Alexander’s Official Facebook page and available to all Greek fans. Are you a member of his page?

  16. Alex i hope you can come to Hungary.
    I’m very-very big fan .
    I think your music is beautiful.
    Please come Hungary!<3
    I love

  17. Hi Alex!I really love you that sometimes i cry for you because i miss you.since i khow you,I enjoy my life.last week i played the fairytale song with my week i have a concert.ill think about you all the time.

  18. Привет Саша!Меня зовут Елизавета ну можно просто Лиза.Я сразу могу сказать что я не сумасшедшаяя фанатка,по этому преследовать не буду.Я очень рада что нашла этот сайт и по этому хотелось бы тебе отправить какой нибудь подарок,по этому я была бы очень благодарна тебе если бы ты мне ответил на мои несколько вопросов.Подскажи пожалуйста,Kapellveien 84-это дом и улица или же Mollergata 4-это улица?0179 Oslo-это индекс или же N-1450 Nesoddtangen Norway-это индекс город и страна?И (+47)9596 1569-это твой личный телефон или же это твоего менеджмента?Извини пожалуйста если отняла у тебя много времени!И ещё раз буду очень рада если ты ответишь на мои вопросы!И ты очень красивый парень.Ещё раз спасибо,буду ждать твоего ответа.Пока.

    1. Елизавета, это сайт фанов Саши, он сам тут тебе не ответит. Адреса ты правильно написала, отправляй ему свои вопросы лично по почте.

  19. HIIIIIIIII!!!! My dear Alex !! you know there are many many fans here in Turkey 🙂 and all of us waiting for you.. please please PLEASEEEEEEEEEE come Turkey .. we love you <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  20. when u send alex a letter do u have to giv him stamps because i sent him a letter 1 month ago without stamps and im very worried he wont be able to send me a letter back and im confused because some people are sayin you do need to put in stamps and some people are saying you dont need to put in stamps please help 🙁

  21. People, why are you writing the letters in here?? You can see the links to the contact info above the page!
    If you want Alex to read it, you should write him a letter to following address:

    Alexander Rybak
    Kapellveien 84
    N – 1450 Nesoddtangen

    or an e-mail to:

  22. Здравствуй, Александр!

    Как много мыслей и как сложно передать их на лист.
    Честно говоря, не принадлежу к числу «фанатов», так как люблю, совершенно разнообразную музыку. Признаюсь, немного слышала о парнишке , который стал победителем на Евровидении. Ну, стал и стал, Молодчина! Ни слежу за новостями «Мир шоу бизнеса». Тем более, не пишу знаменитостям. А точнее не писала, до сегодняшнего дня….

    Не давно я посмотрела передачу по ТВ, в которой ты принимал участие «Битва экстрасенсов» И… этот, до боли знакомый взгляд, твой взгляд, не оставил без внимания.

    Прослушав твой репертуар, ходила какое-то время под впечатлением. Я всегда спокойно относилась к инструментальной музыке, хотя и окончила школу по классу фортепиано.
    Твоя музыка, песни, олицетворяют твой внутренний Мир. Только любящий человек, может так тонко и трепетно доносить свое творчество до публики.

    …«Этот взгляд» -- «Твой взгляд» излучал любовь. Но, к сожалению несчастную…
    Любовь!!! Что такое – любовь???
    Настоящая любовь всегда творит и никогда не разрушает. И в этом -- единственная надежда человека. Любовь -- это единственный разумный и удовлетворительный ответ на вопрос о смысле человеческого существования. Любить -- значит видеть чудо, невидимое для других.
    Говорим про «ошибки Любви». Но разве это Любовь ошибается? – Нет, ошибаемся мы, когда торопимся любить, еще не любя и Любви не зная.
    Каждый из нас -- это половинка человека, рассеченного на две части, и поэтому каждый всегда ищет соответствующую ему половину. Поэтому любовь -- это жажда цельности и стремление к ней.
    И нет боли сильнее, чем та, что причиняют друг другу влюбленные.

    Все будет хорошо!!!! Ведь, правда, же?!!
    P.S. Так много, твоих личных страниц. Нет уверенности, что прочтешь вообще это письмо. Я все понимаю, всем не ответишь. Так просто, хотелось поделиться мыслями.
    Будь счастлив, Саша!

  23. Здравствуй Саша. Мне нравится твоё творчество, ты просто потрясающий человечек, с добрыми глазами и широким сердцем, Я верю в тебя и желаю только самого лучшего и прекрасного. Ты покаришь ещё очень много вершин идевичьих сердец. Удачи тебе Саша и всего наилучшего 🙂

  24. hi alex!!!!!!<3
    im kaliopi from greece and i loxe you.Please came back to greece please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!remember me.I love you!!!!!!!<3<3<3

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