Family Concert Lillehammer 1.2.2015 – Article and radio interview

Interview on radio NRK P1 on Friday before the concert.

Found by Ulli C, recorded by May Elisabeth Nipen, translated by Jorunn Ekre and revised by Anni Jowett.

Article in the paper issue of Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen, published 2.2.2015. Pictures to be found on


The family concert with Rybak was an experience for both grown ups and children.
It was fully packed in Northern Ål Church  on Sunday evening and the crowd really got value for their money.

Author and photo: Rune René Kristiansen.
Found by Ulli C. Translated by TessaLa. Revision by Anni Jowett

LILLEHAMMER: It is probably only on Christmas Eve it is possible to squeeze more people into Northern Ål Church than those who were present on Sunday evening.

GREAT MOOD: Superbarna almost managed to lift the ceiling in Nothern Aal Church together with “Smashing” and Alexander Rybak on Sunday evening.

Joked with “camera parents»
The children’s Ten Sing Choir Smashing, who have the church as their home ground, was visited by Superbarna from Gjerdrum and the Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak, and together with about 400 who attended the concert, it was a fun and cozy séance, both for the children, and not to mention the proud parents and grandparents of the local kids in Smashing.

It’s okay if those of you who record the concert promise to look up from your cameras now and then too. It looks as if you are watching  the concert through a witness protection programme, joked adespite a cold,  lively Alexander Rybak. Remember that it is a better resolution on your children than on a camera.

Alexander Rybak and the Children tensing choir “Smashing”

The audience also participated
After an introduction by Smashing, which triggered loud applause already from the second song, Superbarna entered the stage and got the whole church to stand up and sing along. Together with the local singers, they created a great atmosphere as a prelude to the main guest himself.

Alexander Rybak played among other songsInto a Fantasy” from the animated film “How to Train your Dragon 2″ and of course the MGP winner song “Fairytale” as the final song.

Looking forward to
I have travelled around the world and done a lot of strange things. Finally you feel that you have experienced everything, but if there is one thing I always look forward to, it is concerts like this. For me it’s about unity and friendship, said Rybak.

There were about 400 People in the audience at the concert tonight. We are very pleased with that, said the singing teacher Thea Kamfjord Eriksen.



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