Family concert at Holmen, Risør – Austagder Blad 25.7.13

Source: Austagder Blad
Paper Issue – 25.7.13
Author: Brede Gaute Andersen
Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Anderson.

Excited before the mini festival on Thursday

The mini festival with deLillos, Stein Torleif Bjella, Alexander Rybak and Risør band “Dance With Me”, is only a week away. With the latter two performers confirmed, the organizers mean to cover all tastes.

– Now we have confirmed Alexander Rybak, and he will entertain the children by reading poetry. This might include the actor Merethe Armand. In addition, he will also play some of his songs, including “Fairytale”. The fact that we have a local band again is also very nice,- Håvard Hernes says.

He and Asbjørn Aanonsen are promoters at “Fiskemottaket”. He points out that Lars Lillo-Stenberg and Rybak are both relevant to the next edition of the TV2 success “Hver Gang Vi Møtes “.

– So, this is the first time they will meet after it became clear that they both would take part in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes.

 Searching for local dancers

They are now searching for local dancers for Rybak’s perfomance.

– We’ve been looking for dancers, and we want them to be local. Jorunn Bøe put us in contact with a local dance instructor, who is on the matter. I hope we will manage this,- Hernes says,- And I hope people are quick to buy tickets.

Doors open at 19.00. “Dance With Me” will start the program, and then Rybak will stand for good entertainment afterwards. Then Stein Torleif Bjella goes on stage with a girl on bass, before deLillos ends the night playing hits for an hour, Hernes says.

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