Facebookies reporting from Tønsberg. July 31st. 2010. Part 1

A collection of the ‘” Tønsbookies”reports by Marianne Saietz

Marion Delafoy-Martin, Laila Solum-Hansen, Hildebjørg Haugan and Sara Anja Ruske

On July 31st. 2010, Alexander Rybak was giving a concert,  with Elisabeth Andreassen and their mutual musicians in the norwegian town Tønsberg,  a bit south of Oslo. More than 70 fans of Alexander, who met eachother on his official facebook-fanpage, had decided to meet eachother in Tønsberg and go to the concert together on july 31st. They planned the travel and the meeting for a long time.  Early, they realized, that this was going to be the largest gathering of Rybaks Facebookies, ever!

They were people from 20 countries, as far away as Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Canada, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech  rep. Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Switzerland,  UK, Lithuania, Latvia and of course – Norway. Many of them arrived several days before the concert, to have a good time together.  Some of them had been to concerts of Alexander before and some of them, had met eachother before. But for some, it was their first concert and their first Facebookies-meeting.  Alexander and his management were told about the big Facebookie-meeting, that was being planned and they felt excited about it and offered to arrange a special event, a ” meet and greet ” for the facebookies, with all the artists of the concert. It was planned to take place in the evening, after the concert, but due to some change of plans, the ” meet and greet” was moved to the afternoon, before the concert.


First report comes from Marion Delafoy Martin. Marion lives in Paris, France. She is married to Antoine and has two daughters: Rose and Lucie. Marion writes childrens stories, translates etc. She  – and her husband Antoine are the creators of the french fansite for Alexander Rybak:


Marion has been a member of the Alexander Rybak official facebook-fanpage since the very beginning , the summer of 2009, but she had never been to a Rybak-concert and she had never met any of the Facebookies in real life, until she and Antoine, came to Tønsberg.


Report of Marion Delafoy Martin

Marion Delafoy-Martin 6. august kl. 23:40  Hello, girls, a little report ( I’m exausted with the trip!!!! ) and first above all, thanks again to all the great facebookies; girls, you are just amazing!!!!!! We arrive at Tonsberg about 4 pm, just in time to see the facebookies and Alex. I didn’t have time to be upset or intimidated, every one was huging every one, it was so full of love and joy, I was just happy!! And then the “meet and greet”; when I first saw him, I thought: “Wow, he’s so thin!!!! And such incredible HUGE eyes”!!!

He seemed a bit shy, but touched, of course. I started to wait in the line to get my signed poster, and when I finally was in front of him, he said:” Oh, you are Marion… I recognize you; I have looked on your profile.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then, i started to talk about our french website, I showed him pics from it in a file. He asked me points about it, and we talked also about the “cook book”. And he said: “Oh, you’re the one who made the drawings inside?” and he “hugs” me very kindly.

After that, he talked in our camera to the french fans, and then, asked: “ok, I sign to Marion?” and I said “No, it’s for my daughters, could you write for Lucie and Rose?” he did ( with problems to write “Lucie”, he thought it was “Lucia”,) and wrote “pour’ for them, in french; so nice!! and then, a pic with an other hug, and bye. I saw him after in the hotel; he was just passing by, I didn’t even notice it was him, I was talking with few others girls; and then, he looked at me, turn over, and said: “Marion!! Nice to see you! thank you so much for coming from France, I hope you’d like the concert.” and “BANG”! an other hug.

I wasn’t prepare for this one, it was so kind and spontaneous, I’m affraid I turned really blushing.

The concert was fabulous, every one was dancing, singing, it was such a great atmosphere, full of love! After the show, I bought his CD, and he signed it. He told me something I didn’t ear, so I had put my hand on his shoulder to talk in his ear, in a very natural way, he’s so nice, he gives the impression to be someone we knew already.

 I asked him “what did you say?” and he said” thank again for coming” I said, “no, thanks to YOU!” and he said “did you enjoy the concert?” “yes, it was great.” I’m glad.” and then, that was it, he left few minutes later to his room. The only regret I had was I had no time to talk to every women, we were so many… but the impression I will keep in mind, is just… love and kind. I really love you, guys!!!

The sunday, with my husband ( who was very happy about the meeting, and really pleased by the nice attention of Elizabeth Andreassen!!! ;-)) we went in Oslo, and saw the Opera house (just beautiful) Akker Brydge and the museum of vikingships. Oslo is a great city, really beautiful, peaceful and pleasant. And then, we took our plane to come back in Paris 😉 I’m so glad to read all the comments of the girls, to see all the pics, it remains me great moments full of emotion. I want to do it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D


2. Report:Laila Solum Hansen

Laila lives in Fredriksstad in Norway. She is married and has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. She works as a physiotherapist.

She has been to, quite a few Rybak- concerts and she has met Facebookies, but never as many as in Tønsberg.  Laila Solum Hansen 8. august kl. 17:53

*** My Tønsberg weekend ..started Friday 9.30 when Kirsten and Petra picked  me up at home, and we arrived at the hostel 11.30. We heard voices from a room and went for those – and found Susanne’s room full of FaceBookies! Lots of hugs and greetings were given. As we couldn’t check in that early, we just sat around outside the hostel – people arriving steadily.. Some went to town for sightseeing, some who were staying other places came to visit. I stayed because of having the hostel list and some tickets to deliver… After checking in – and while waiting for the meeting at Klubben at 18, a few of us had a little singalong at one room.

After a while more FBies arrived – and we sang through the Tønsberg Songbook. We went down to Klubben to meet the rest of FBies – it was so nice to finally meet everybody IRL! Some were going to the concert, but most of us stayed for a while for a little meal – or went for a meal another place. Back at the hostel we tried out the steps for ‘Barndance’ at the hostel terrace – and when the mosquitos got too agressive, we went inside for another little singalong. Since we had to stop at eleven, the rest of the evening was very decent – but not necesssarily all silent… After breakfast Saturday we had a ‘Make Your Own T-Shirt’ work shop attended by several FaceBookies, and some had another little ‘Barndance’. The rest were here, there and everywhere over Tønsberg… We had a ‘Meet & Greet’ to catch at 17! All prepared mentally and physically – we got together in the hotel lobby, greeting the ones who finally had arrived, chatting and waiting. I was allowed to make a little improvised exhibition of the ‘FaceBookies collected works’ (sadly had no Fiddler’s Cook Book) in the room where we should have the meeting. The meeting was great, I was talking with Bettan (who got a FB T-shirt) and Kjell Arild (who got a FB T-shirt, collected SongBooks and Planer Rybak Times) . I got my moments with Alex, giving him the new Songbook 5 – when I asked if it was OK to continue making these, he grabbed it and said “Is it a new one? Cool!” so I guess that meant ‘Yes’.

He also asked: “Tell me – in which thread are you dicussing my taste of girls?” …. “Oh.oh… – eeeh… – the Nice Butt I suppose…” I managed. “Hmmm haven’t seen it there” he said…so I just mumbled ” – you better take your time and read then…” .. I got a poster signed for my son – didn’t get a photo and I forgot my hug, I think… but I got another after the concert anyway! The concert – is there more to say than already reported? My highlights: – Being in the first row – with Dvora besides me and knowing that here was a ‘sister in crime’ when it came to standing up, dancing & cheering! ( I hate sit-down-concerts!!) – Singing along on all the songs (didn’t even realise I knew them that well!) and getting winks and nods from Bettan – several eye-contacts with Alex – the wonderful warm and happy mood both at stage and in audience (at least the first four rows…) – and best of all: Getting the big, happy smile and ‘High Five!’ at the end of the concert when Alex went up the little stairs back on stage… *pheew* and maybe a little *bonk* after all…

I got my Bettan-cd signed – I thanked her for a wonderful concert – and she said “…and you knew all the words!” Thanks Bettan! I got my hug-of-the-day from Alex – and the rest of the night we were dancing in the night club. (the FaceBookies that is – not Alex, sadly enough…) I forgot that I had to walk back to the hostel on my high heel shoes (and that is torture! – as I never wear anything like that …) Sunday breakfast – “Eeek – look who’s in the paper!!” Vic has got her ‘5 min. fame’ in Norwegian press – beautiful happy girl kissing Alex on his cute nose..!! But the time had come to pack up and leave it all behind. Luckily I had managed to talk some people into going with me to Fredrikstad, so Vic & brave George, Ulli, Jolanta and me had a wonderful ferry ride across the Oslo fjord, and in Fredrikstad we met up with Venche, Petra and Kirsten. First to my place to get rid of luggage – said hello-goodbye to husband and son – off to Petra’s place where Jitka and family already visited.

After a little meal there we went to Hvaler. Next day we met in Gamlebyen (the Old Fortified Town) for a guided tour, and as we lost the city ferry ride, we just got over the river and walked the riverside. Ulli had left for the flight home, now Jolanta went to Oslo, I went home, and the rest went to see some stone carvings. Wednesday Venche came with Kirsten, Petra and me for Allsang på Grensen. Friday Susanne and Paul came for coffe on their way home to Berlin, and saturday we had breakfast at Petra’s place. The weekend stretched to almost a week…. There were Facebookies travelling around in Norway the whole week – and I really hope they had a good time! (Can’t do anything about the weather.) We were a big amount of people – and I hope that nobody felt left out and alone, as it might be easy in a crowd like this. We divided naturally into smaller groups, and everything went without disasters (as far as I know …) Hey, we’re mature and decent after all! Margrete at the hostel was satisfied with us – and even said Welcome back! To sum it up: A splendid time was had by all! Now we’re left with the beautiful memories and the gazillion of photos and videos. Thank you to all my dear friends ! (PS: Actually I DID get a hug and a photo at the Meet&Greet, but couldn’t remember – later I got the proof! … suppose I *bonk*ed after all… Oh well…)



Hildebjørg Haugan lives in Norway. She is a rather new facebookie, but she has been to some good, norwegian concerts and has met many of the local facebookies.

3rd Report by Hildebjørg Haugan

This gathering in Tønsberg, is actually the main reason why I came out of the shadows. I read the Tønsberg thread, and I new I had to be a part of this. I’m so happy I did it. It was great to meet so many FaceBookies. Unfortunately it’s not possible to talk so many people in only 2-3 days. But, in short: The whole weekend was great!

At the meet ‘n’ greet, I felt, and acted, like an idiot, but I survived.

The concert was amazing! Bettan and Alex fit so well together. I also think it was kind of them to speak in English in parts of the show. I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of Elisabeth Andreassen, but it turned out she is a great stage artist. And she knows our thoughts; maybe she’s a shadow reader? Probably she isn’t, but she is definitively a decent lady, if you know what I mean.

Anyway; when Alex entered the stage in that tight, short T-shirt… Let’s put it this way: I’m glad I was already sitting. He knows how to please his audience, that’s for sure.

“Blinde-Karsl vise” is soooo beautiful. And when Alex performed that new cover song, Skin, I could hardly breathe. He doesn’t sing it, he lives it.

I also have to say, I believe we were a great audience. We raised the roof that evening, applauding, cheering, dancing and singing!

To all who were there: Thank you for a great weekend! And to those who couldn’t come: I hope to meet you another time!


Sara Anja lives in Norway…far, far north in Norway, where they have reindeer, darkness all winter and midnight sun in the summer. She works as a laboratory-technician in a hospital. She was at the very first Facebookie-meeting at the concert in Oslo, october 2009 and despite, her long travel-distances, she has been to other concerts. In march, she had the luck, to enjoy a concert by the fiddler in her home-area, in Målselv.

4th Report by Sara Anja

I am home again, and trying to make some kind of report with my tired and dizzy head.

Meeting all the crazy, lovely, huggable, sweet, funny facebookies was just amazing. So many different, wonderful people.

The meet & greet was crowded. Everybody waiting in line while chatting, smiling, and making photos and videos. Strangely enough I was not very nervous this time, like I was in Målselv a month ago. Maybe because we where so many. When it was my turn, I forgot all about the people around me. Alex is really so wonderful when he is talking and looking directly to you. I had brought a copy of my “hug picture” from Målselv and he signed it. (He didn’t remember me though; I didn’t expect it either…) He asked me what songs I liked the most, and I said “First kiss” and “Dare I say”, He seemed to like it. I was a bit dizzy afterwards, but not bonked.

Shortly after it was Vic’s turn in the line, and she really was the star of the meet & greet. She was touching, nose kissing, talking and hugging him in the most funny, elegant, charming way. I was laughing tears and people applauded when she kissed his nose. (I think she bonked him, at least he got speechless. The newspaper photographers also went crazy and made a lot of pictures)

The concert was just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!!!!! And the facebookies was the best audience. Clapping, singing, cheering, dancing. Fantastic! Alex was so full of energy and smiling and laughing. I hope all the songs will be on YouTube, every one of them was so great!!

They were joking a lot on stage. Bettan introduced Alex as Norway’s biggest heart breaker and fiddle breaker. She said he looked gorgeous in his T-shirt. (Big applause from us). Alex said that the audience in the first rows “are not crazy, they are just spending too much time on facebook”. When he called himself “smurf” from stage, we where laughing and cheering. There where a lot of more funny jokes, but I do not remember everything.

After concert, a lot of us went into the signing line. I just said to him that a needed another hug, and he said “Of course you must have another hug”. And I got a tight hug again:))).

Later in the bar at Hotel, they where playing “Barndance”. (I think it was Venche who gave the CD to the DJ) Lots of facebookies where dancing barndance with Laila S as the instructor.

PS> I said in this report that I did not *bonk* at M and G. I realize now that it is so not true. I have looked through the photos with me and Alex, and I sure look dead *bonked*, and can not really remember everything what happened.

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  1. Thank you one and all for the happy stories! I just can’t get enough of them! 🙂 The only way they could be improved, is if I could have been there to be writing one myself! Maybe someday……..

  2. Marion and Laila, I love your reports from Tønsberg <3
    They are full of emotions,and I had a feeling like I was there myself. Thank you for that!
    Hope that you are going to see Alexander again!

    Kisses from Croatia 🙂

  3. Nice report!!
    It sounded just great! Everything I’ve heard from that concert and the meet&greet and so on is good stuff 🙂 I would loved to have been there! But I’m so glad so many of you did anyway, and I so share the wish with you that it will happen again! Then I will sure come! 😀
    Yeah, he is really nice, is he not?! 🙂

  4. Ah, Marion! It’s a so nice report, I’ve become very happy for you while I was reading it. I hope, you’ll see him again! Armful of love dear! brassée d’amour 🙂

  5. Marion, ma chere!!! Thank you for the report. Yes, Tonsberg was amazing … overwhelming! xoxo

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