Facebookies, reporting from Tønsberg. July 31st. 2010. PART 4

Vic Arreg,  Hilde Jordahl., Lubomira Lubka

A collection of the ‘” Tønsbookies” reports by Marianne Saietz.

On July 31st. 2010, Alexander Rybak was giving a concert,  with Elisabeth Andreassen and their mutual musicians, in the norwegian town Tønsberg – a bit south of Oslo. More than 70 fans of Alexander, who met eachother on his official facebook-fanpage, had decided to meet eachother in Tønsberg and go to the concert together on july 31st. They planned the travel and the meeting for a long time.  Early, they realized, that this was going to be the largest gathering of Rybaks Facebookies, ever!


Vic Arreg, Canada.


The journalist and photographer from VG, were captured by the story of the Canadian fan, who came to Tønsberg, Norway.

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Oh, what a bunch of amazing reports!!!!!!! Well…. I am not good at writing…but I did my best to put some of my memories into a video report. Thank you all for the fabulous time we had in Tonsberg or Fredrikstad or Oslo! Thank you, Alex for giving me the opportunity to meet these amazing people – YOUR FACEBOOKIES! Here is my video-report. Enjoy!0

Vic Arreg, Canada made this video: ” A Tønsberg affair”


Hilde Jordahl, Norway



When I arrived at the hostel in Tønsberg it was still quiet before the storm. In one single moment I wondered if I had been fooled; that this whole meeting only was a joke. After all, it was almost to good to be true. But the woman in the reception knew who I was, and where I should stay. On my way to the room I heard a guitar playing and some girls singing. 4 Facebookies (Laila S.H ,Petra S, Dvora og Mai-lis) had started the singallong . They knew who I was to!  And of course I knew them.

From the first moment the atmosphere was light and cozy, filled with songs, laughter and swiss chocolate.  One by one they showed up. Faces I only had seen on a computer-screen, but still felt I knew. Ladies in all ages from many different nationalities showed up during the afternoon. Meeting with Victoria from Canada was magical and absurd at same time. She comes from the other side of the Atlantic, and writes on Facebook every night.  Suddenly she shows up in the middle of the streets in Tønsberg, unbelievable alive.

We met  even more familiar faces at Hotel Klubben, where we almost filled up the entire cafeteria. Friday evening we spend on getting to know each other, eating dinner, learning Barndance, singalong and wandering around in the streets. It was longer no doubt. Rybaks Facebookies had invated Tønsberg! Where ever we went we ran into each other!

Anastasia reveals a gift from Irena Bay.

So, we don´t get lost from the group in Tønsberg

Singalong at the Hostel.


Then the day above all days arrived. The day where we should all meet our big hero! It started with an early breakfast. We where all exited and restless, but we manage to get the day going with some shopping, making our own T-shirts, a small trip to “Slottsfjellet” and eating lunch in the hostle`s own outdoor-cafeteria. Then we all changed our clothes (some of us several times to get the right outfit for the evening) and we went down to “Hotel Klubben” for the meet and greet.

Lunch at the hostel

On the top of “Slottsfjellet”

After meeting with a lot of new arrived facebookies and Kjell Arild, we went into a  empty conference room to meet Alex and Bettan. This whole situation was new to me. I had never, never done any thing like this. I had absolutely no idea what I should say or do. I had never been in an autograph -line before. It`s amazing what this man makes me do.

I decided that I wanted him to sign “No Boundaries” and  I got Marijke to take a photo of us. I also wanted a hug, but when he was standing there in front of me I panic.  I started to ask him to look into my camera, actually it was a couples of cameras pointing in our direction, But he looked at me and my name-tag and said “you are a seldom sight to see”(funny sentence ,but he said: “du er et sjeldent syn å se!”) . “Yes, this is my first Facebookie-meeting” I told him”.”What do you actually do in this meetings?” he asked interested, while he signed the CD. So I started to talk about singalong and workshop and suddenly my CD was signed and I got mute and thought I have to let threw the next person in the line. I don`t even remember if I said thank you…

After my rather peculiar meeting with Alexander something happened to me. I just start to behave like a teenage girl and laughed a lot. Maybe I just” Bonked”. And after the photo I took with Alex, my camera bonked to! (or the battery needed to be reloaded, but that is a boring explanation). So I had to concentrate getting to know even more facebookies! After a somehow overcrowded group –photo, we manage to get a quick meal and a drink before the show. With almost 3 rows just containing facebookies the atmosphere was eletricle during the whole show .

Fantastic band! Bettan was a pro and the chemistry between her and Alexander was great. And of course Alexander was amazing wearing a real tight T-shirt , playing superb, singing wonderfully and delivering funny jokes between the songs..After 2 hours  clapping  and dancing  (we could not sit still) it was no doubt what we wanted to do after the show. We wanted to dance more! So we waved goodbye to Alex. (He actually held a short speech for us after the signing, where he thanked us for making this the best show ever. Very sweet of him! ) We went down to the bar and danced our buts of! It was one unforgettable evening!   Almost a month after this weekend I still haven`t landed jet. A part of me is still in Tønsberg. It was a real Fairytale. Thanks to all the Facebookies for welcoming a shadow-reader like me, with open arms!

See you again ladies!


Lubomira Lubka, Slovakia


Lubomira Lubka from Slovakia made this video about her T’ønsberg-experiences:

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  1. Thank you Vic, Hilde and Lubomira for helping me relive my Tønsberg memories! -- It was such a wonderful weekend!

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