Facebookies meeting the fiddler in Moscow. March 7th 2010. By Irina Kuvaldina.

Europe spies: Moscow operation

That day in Moscow was surprisingly sunny. And we know why:)) The fiddler arrives! FaceBookies (me, Yanis, Anton, Snezhanna, Margarita, Viktoria, Lena Snetkova and Lena Star) met each other at the airport. We didn’t know exactly the flight, but hoped to welcome our dear guests in the afternoon. While we were searching for some information airport staff has already understood who we’re waiting for=))) It was very kind of them to open the secret where Alex was. Firstly we didn’t believe them, but fortunately they were honest and really wanted to help us. We were so touched and thankful that we bought chocolate for that girls afterwards!

We came to the special hall, saw Alex and started waving to him. And he started waving in response. But airport security didn’t allow us enter without instructions not to take photos and videos. At that moment Yanis has already been inside. Sasha recognized him at once and greeted him as an old friend!
When we were allowed to enter, we started to give presents. We prepared 3 fur caps for Alex, Ulf and Adne, 3 dolls (matryoshki) for fiddlerettes and some candies for all of them. Girls (Maria, Ingeborg and Benedikte) were very glad and surprised with that warm welcoming. They rejoiced so sincerely! Ingeborg and Benedikte has performed with the fiddler for the first time, so they were a little bit nervous, but looked cute and open-minded. Adne arrived the previous day, so we asked Ulf to give the present to his colleague. Ulf is so amazing! He has tried his cap on, hugged and kissed us. I really like his friendliness! I said that I would miss him sooo much. BTW, poor Ulf, he lost his wallet in the plane. So all the team was waiting when it will be found. That’s why they didn’t hurry and we had about 20-30 min to communicate with them.

Alex met us with his charming smile. Although he has been sleeping for only 3 hours, he didn’t look exhausted or depressed. The smurf was just a little bit quiet and thoughtful.
After some time we noticed that his feet were without shoes, only in socks! LOL! But he didn’t care about it:)))
Then he offered to take a photo. Sasha has invited the fiddlerettes in the centre, so first photo was taken without him. Dear Ulf helped his friend and took the second one. You could see that photo on the wall:) I still can’t believe it! But proud to be there:))
Then we should have done some things we promised to do. We gave regards from ALL FaceBookies, thanked him for Prague, congratulated on Spellemann of the year. When I said that we watched awarding ceremony, he was soo surprised that I had to explain him that we have YouTube and very reliable spies everywhere:))) While we’re talking he was stretching his arms. It was so funny and sweet. BONK!

Yanis asked Alex about tour in CIS countries. Hopefully it might be in August. Question about his post about problems was uncomfortable. He didn’t want to answer. It made me sad… Oh, I want sooo much he could handle these problems asap. May only honest and decent people be around him!
We decide not to be annoying and came to say good bye and wish a great time today. Sasha hugged and kissed each of us! OMG! It was tight and at the same time tender…
Finally Snezhanna said: “See you in April!” But Sasha asked with surprise: “What? Aren’t you going to the concert tonight?” We chorally: “Of course, we’re going!”
And we went outside smiling and jumping!! The way to the concert hall was full of discussions, sharing emotions and impressions.

We didn’t have tickets for all of us, but so many people cared about us that everyone, who wanted, managed to be on the final. Hurray!! Many thanks! Now we’re together ready to have fun and support our smurf and his team. I guessed that he would perform in the end. So I was wrong because familiar sounds opened the show. Alex, Ulf and Adne were on the stage with Fairytale! When they’ve finished we understood that Sasha will appear later one more time with the fiddlerettes. Cool! There’s time to prepare:) During the show we’re sitting in different places. Lena and Vika even managed to be among journalists in the press zone. There they have seen Alex surrounded by paparazzi and attacked with questions. Girls told us that he was annoyed with all those flashes, because they hurted his tiring eyes. Poor boy! If you’ve seen Vika’s and Lena’s pics in Surprise group you noticed that he almost didn’t smile…

When the show was coming to the end Lena and Vika returned from the press zone, we decided to join Rita and Tania to spread out famous pink posters Rybak’s FaceBookies prepared by Lena. There weren’t empty chairs near the girls so 5 FaceBookies had to fill 3 chairs:)))
Hosts announced Alex and we started our wild dances with the poster=)))))) I tried to take a short video but result is very shaky)) When I read sms from Lena Star with the words “I recognized you” I understood that we’re shown on TV. Ahahaha! Funny!

After the show we hesitated to go to the staff entrance or not. But finally we decided to thank the team and say goodbye. Fiddlerettes were in a very good mood, asked us about our impressions. Alex at once came to us with the question: “How’s the concert?”. We were joking: “BTW, we’re shown on TV with the poster=))” Sasha were grinning: “Yes, I’ve seen you from the stage”. Then they hurried to the car. But what a surprise!! Adne has run to us with big smile and white fur cap on his head (our gift). Ooh, he is so cute and charming! We shared thanks with each other and took some photos. Then their car started to move and we saw the smurf who was waving to us from the car! So nice of him!

Happy and inspiring FaceBookies went home where we found a great gift. Our photo was on the wall. It made us even happier! But 3 girls and Anton didn’t go home, they had afterparty at that night. So it was so funny when I was reading them your comments under the photo through the phone call at 3 a.m.=))))))
So that day was wonderful, we’re glad to meet each other, to meet the fiddler and his team. We hope to see them again soon. May all his troubles pass by and everything be all right!

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  1. Thank you for report!
    Very interestingly written!
    I liked gifts which you have prepared :)))

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