FaceBookies Meeting and concert in Sørum, Febr. 4th 2010

(a report by the FaceBookie Laila S.)

Thursday 04.02.10: The beginning:

Leaving my hometown after a couple of hours at work – arriving Oslo S 11:45 – walking up the stairs to ‘La Baguette’ where I would meet my “FaceBookies sisters” – because that is just what I feel about this lovely gang of girls…

There! – I could see Jitka and Petra waving at me! Gesine, Lene and Marijke – and new friend Milada – Big hugs all around. Gesine and I had to go to check in at Cochs, so we made agreement that all should meet back here before taking the 15:09 train to Sørum. Jorunn, Venche and Anna would take a later train and meet us there in the line.

At Cochs we met Laila U and Hege, and later Susanne arrived after her museum visit. Lene had made T-shirts for us all, and Laila U had made bags – all with pictures and writings.
After diverse preparations we took the tram back to Oslo S to meet the others – Anna, Matilda, Pernilla, Madde, Jitka, Petra and Milada, and Laila U’s niece Anita with two friends. Lots of chatting – having something to drink and eat – buying train tickets – and then off to Sørum!

Half an hour train ride – anticipations growing. The train had a display showing the outside temperature, starting at minus 2 centigrades – and – funny enough! – the temperature was steady rising as we were going, up to plus 6… – Marianne’s theory seems to work! (we have proofs – ask Jitka!)

Off the train at Sørumsand and heading directly for Bingsfosshallen, not looking left or right – we had to get in front of line! Well – that was no problem, really Not a soul to be seen ( just a couple of girls in the school building and some workers inside.) – it was ca 15:50 and they would open the doors at 18.30…. So we settled down in front of the door. I had brought my Rybak-mp3 player and a little loudspeaker, so we had a nice sing-song for a while. Venche has done the documentation:

Luckily there was a petrol station just down the road, and it was visited for food, drink and other necessities during the waiting hours. We put on our T-shirts for a photo.

Finally – we were let inside in the warm hall foyer – and Susanne and Matilda were interviewed by the local newspaper Romeriket Blad, as the Rybak-crazy & dedicated foreigners going to Sørum for a concert! (Sørumsand is really just a little spot on the map…)

When we were let into the hall, I decently descended the stairs (read: ran) to the rail in front of the stage – in the middle, in front of Alex’ mike. The rest of the girls filled up the space in a second – all the children that came later saw a lot of backs (and butts – they were short, poor kids. Too bad!) I had made a poster that we hung on the rail ( I had wisely prepared – tape in the bag..) I also had made a banner with the words “TRENGER DU FLYTTEHJELP” which means “Do you need help for moving (to the new place)”, showed later in the concert…
– We were ready for take off!

The Concert:

It started with Springleik, as always. And as always – the excitement in the audience grew while the Frikar’s entered the stage – and then :*iiiiiiiiiiiiihh* from all the kids (and maybe some decent ladies to) when Alex entered the stage. This time I had equipped my camera with bigger memory cards, so I was taking videos of several songs – but I also wanted just to look… (you get a distance to it all when filming…) You have seen the videos, from me and from the other girls – it was grey – the songs remains the same – the moves are the same as we have seen so many times – what was new? For me: THE GAZE… He recognized his FaceBookies – nodded and smiled – and only our long anti*bonk* training secured the standing position. Then – on Funny Little World he put down the fiddle, came down the stairs and greeted us – ME! Held my hand – ‘held’ my eyes… *sigh* .. I very silently and decently *BONK*ed – on the inside…

1:33 – 1:36 – 3 seconds of my life…(Thanks Venche!)

I won’t say more about the concert – which was too short as usual.. Others have described the performance, so I don’t repeat. No girls on stage – no ‘Do ya think…’ – no clothes changes (no opportunity to rip off shirt) I will only mention that I loved seeing him playing Hungarian Suite live!

After concert:

After a while Alex came out to give his autograph to everybody. As Matilda before the concert had made an appointment with Alex to meet us afterwards, we all decently and patiently waited for our turn (– like the 13 horses..) After having done autographs for most of the children, he returned to us, and Petra and I presented him with the new “Decent Ladies’ Art Class’ SongBook no 3”. I asked if he had read the others, and he said yes, at least one – and then he started looking through it. He saw the ‘Santa Baby’-song and said: ‘Yes, I have seen that on YouTube!It’s good!’ and then his eyes widened a bit when he saw the ‘Hairy Chest’- song and the picture. ‘Where did you get that?’ – and we told him that you can find everything on the Internet…He also laughed of the boxer pictures, and glanced at other songs…

Then he started talking with Susanne about the concert in Prague – and asked if we all were coming. I said that I sadly couldn’t go there this time, and could I have my hug now instead? He said yes, and we hugged – and then I sneaked in a little kiss on his cheek… Only fair, as I won’t go to Prague, methinks… We asked for a group picture, and he told us to wait till he was finished and then he would come outside the fence ( where he had been all the time signing and talking)

fan report sørum

The crew in the hall were rigging down all the equipment around our ears when we finally were collected for our group picture. I have developed my own technique of sidling up to Alex’ side and grab him around the waits – it worked this time, too. Oh my – he is almost as thin as my 16 year old son… The back of the waistcoat was very –silky – and the butt…mmmm say no more. Nobody noticed…. The group picture was good.

So – the time was near for leaving – we had a train to catch back to Oslo. We said goodbye to some of the girls, the rest continued to Cochs where we talked , laughed and watched pictures and films from the concert – and sending reports back to our Home Thread.

Chocholade and drinks were had, but we were as always very decent. One main reason for decentness were that Susanne had forgotten something in Sørum… (She had hidden her bottle of vodka in the snow outside, because we supposed it would not be allowed to bring it inside – it will usually be checked in the door. Some inhabitant of Sørumsand will be very happy in the springtime – as she forgot all about it afterwards…) Finally – at 03.45 in the morning Gesine and I had emptied our room for guests and went to bed – only to wake up at 8 because someone was slamming the dustbin lids outside in the back yard. Ouch!

Friday 05.02.10:

Gesine and I had breakfast in our room, after a while Susanne came from our neighbour room. We had an appointment to meet for lunch this day – and 14 Ladies met each other by Nationalteateret.

First we went to Narvesen to buy the local paper from Sørum, to see if ‘our girls’ were mentioned… There was a two pages article from the concert – and both Matilda and Susanne got their lines – and even a picture with Alexander holding Matilda’s hand… cute!

fan report sørum

Lunch we had at ‘Friday’s’ , and much chatting was done. After lunch we split up in different groups, but we would meet again for dinner at Jannicke’s place.

Laila U, Lene, Hege, Marijke and I took the T-bane to Frognerseteren – or not quite… While we entered the train, Marijke muttered something about taking a bus – but as I ‘knew’ the place, I said it was easier this way… So when the train stopped at Besserud, and stood there for a while, some people going off and others coming in – nobody suspected anything ‘till the train started moving in the wrong direction! Without any information at all… we should have gone off and changed to the buses – which of course were leaving for Frognerseteren… Well, we obviously got off on the next stop, and did the trip to Besserud again, and wisely went to the bus… Marijke (who had been to Frognerseteren before..) were generous enough NOT to say ’told you so!’ Thanks, Marijke!
After something to drink and eat we did the return slightly more elegant than the other way, and arrived at Cochs just in time to do the shopping for the dinner. Laila U had volunteered as ‘chef of the night’ and the menu was salmon and vegetables baked in tin foil – with rice and more vegetables in addition.

Laila U and I went by taxi to Jannicke, with the food and Hege’s suitcase.(as she was going home late that night.), which contained most of the things Hege owns in this world, I believe… It was HEAVY! Up to third floor with no elevator. Puuuh!
Dinner was prepared in the kitchen , the table was laid and 11 Ladies had a delicious and wonderful dinner, and Jannicke served ice cream for dessert.
The night flew by with lots of talking and laughter, and then Hege had to leave to go back to Trondheim, and Lene and Laila U left with her. Petra was going to walk alone through Oslo to Anker – in the middle of the night – as the rest of us were staying at Cochs, except for Venche who took the tram to her hotel.We were a little worried about Petra, but she is one tough girl, and off she went… We made appointment to meet at Aker Brygge Saturday at 12 – for a trip to Nesodden

As I didn’t have any computer and no Facebook access – I went early to bed, and for the first night for months I slept for 8 hours! Sadly I didn’t dream of anything interesting – but I know several others had – but they can tell for themselves.

Saturday 06.02.10:

After breakfast we checked out of the room, and Marijke, Susanne, Gesine and I went through Slottsparken down to the harbour at Aker Brygge. On the way we found a ‘Castle made of snow’

We met with Venche, Jitka, Petra and Milada, and Anna came with her friend Anna, too – and we walked around the buildings at Aker Brygge, looking for a suitable flat to buy… There were hearts hanging in the trees – obviously they were celebrating that Alex will move in there soon!
And from the bridge we could see something that looked very familiar in some way…

Fan report Sørum

Then it was time for the ferry to Nesodden. There we walked along the ‘Coast path’ , naturally enough, as we were just ordinary tourists taking a little walk in the Norwegian nature.
“ – Oh so this is where his parents live? How very surprising that we just accidentally walked past on this path….” – but since we were there anyway, no more natural thing to do than leaving a message for Kjell Arild – and one for Cindy – in a completely, by accident discovered suitable mail box.

Then the ferry back to Oslo – little did we know who was downstairs…
Lots of people went off the ferry – and suddenly Marijke grabbed my arm and said: “ Look – there he is! Talking to Susanne!!” And we all hurried – decently, mind! – and surrounded them quietly… He looked around and said “Hi! There you are…”. He had seen Susanne and was the one who started talking to her! He asked where we had been – and we told him of our walk ( and obviously he must have been at home when we were there – might even have seen us… 😉 ) We talked about the MGP finale, and he asked who we were voting for – and told that he liked Keep of Kalessin..

He was dragging his big violet suitcase, with a bag in the other hand and his violin over his shoulder. No assistant to be seen. I felt sorry for him, and asked if he needed help to carry something – and obviously reached for the bag – when he said “no,no – you can take this!” and he handed me his fiddle!!! WOW! He also showed us his suitcase:”Look, it is very practical – with four wheels so I can pull it in every directions!” and he thought we all should have one of these… Sooo – there we went, chatting a little while walking through town – we passed the shop where he had bought a tv – which he didn’t like and had to change – “and the people there were nice and helped me, with no fuss..” he said. Then I asked if he had thought about getting another mobile phone, because the videos he posted on his wall were not very sharp. He replied that he would not do that, because then he had to have a pc for uploading the videos, and that would take a couple of days – and he didn’t have time to wait for so long.. Suddenly he said “Wait, maybe you would like to be in SE&HØR? (The Norwegian gossip magazine..) – I hoped to make interviews with the MGS contestants for NRK, but they wouldn’t let me – so I can call SE&HØR…” – then he took out his mobile and started calling someone… But it seems nothing came out of that, so he put it away and continued walking – with his FaceBookies’ Bodyguard around him. Nobody bothered him asking for autographs seeing us…
And there I went – being 54, feeling 24 – and behaving 14!… “Wow – look at meee! I am carrying The Fiddle!!! “ Hihihi…

Suddenly he stopped, looked at us and said: “ I was thinking of getting my hair cut, what do you think?” – and we all yelled NOOOO! He looked around at us and said “Are you sure??” Oh yes we were… and then he just touched his neck and said “what about this then..?” and I am sure it was again due to months of anti*BONK* training that the fiddle still is usable. – I was just *that* far from reaching out and tugging his nape hairs just a little… but I decently refrained from scaring him, poor boy… But I advised that he might cut just a little at the tips now and then… Don’t know if he listened to that though…
And we continued the procession to outside the H&M shop – where he had to leave us to go and buy some new socks – and boxers, according to some. He took his time to talk a little more with us first – and some Japanese tourists finally got their courage to ask him for a picture…
He asked if we were all going to Spektrum in the night, but we told him that some of us didn’t have tickets. He said he was sorry he didn’t have any spare free tickets left – but he could try and see if they could get in to the final rehearsal! So Jitka, Petra, Anna and Anna were going to meet by entrance no.10 at 15.45 and he would see what he could do!
We said goodbye – he said “See you tomorrow…. ..no, tonight” and went in to H&M with a BIG suitcase, bag and fiddle. – And we continued walking and shopping – silently and decently *bonk*ed by the event….

And of course – afterwards you get all the thoughts: Oh nooo why didn’t I say that – ask about this – look for the adress on the violine bag – grab the thing and RUN etc. But that’s life – the best ideas comes too late.

We went back to Cochs to prepare for the evening, and took the tram down to meet the others. I put my luggage in a locker at OsloS station, since I was going back home after the MGP. Because we were sitting in different parts of the arena, we had to say goodbye before we went inside – and it was sad to do so – specially as I already knew I couldn’t go to Prague to meet them again… Too soon due to my work – and my family…
Lene, Laila U and I found our seats so far away from the scene as it is possible to come – and just up under the roof… But we had a nice bird’s view over all the arena – and we heard the songs good enough…
Not much more to be said – Alex did a good performance. The right song won – it was goose bumps all over, all three times he sang!
Lene and I went home by bus – and my husband and son picked us up, and we drove Lene home before I finally went to bed at 02.30.

And we agreed that it had been a nice weekend!

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  1. ah I just loved to read all of that…It was like re living it!
    And it was nice to hear what you did after we had left for stockholm! Ah that trip to norway was just amazing and I really enjoyed meeting you ladies and seeing Alexanders concert…again…even thogh as you said it was really very to short…
    Just Amazing! :D:D

  2. Wow! You’re so lucky =) I wish that I could come to one of this meetings one day!!! I’m so happy for you, it felt like I’ve just met him himself thanks to this great report! 🙂

  3. I couldnt be there but I just can say from here, it looks and feels like so,so,so,so, SUPER ! :):)
    I really wanna be in a meeting ! Someday ! =))
    Thank you Laila, thnak you for a sweet thing like this !=)

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