Facebookies in Prague. Feb. 24th- 27th 2010 report by Marianne S.


An ordinary week in a Facebookies life. Monday: Work, school-meeting. Tuesday: Work, money-exchange, packing.

Wednesday feb.24th: Leaving, train to Cph. airport, flight to Prague. At arrival in Prague airport, being met, hugged and kissed by facebookies. In Prague airport, meeting more facebookies. Feeling warm and happy to see them. Hugging, laughing, kissing, going to Prague center by train. Feeling happy, to see Prague again. Getting off train, walking to hostel, meeting more facebookies, more hugging, kissing, greeting, laughing, checking into rooms. Rest of the evening: Meeting more facebookies. Having dinner. Looking at Lucerna Music Club, 500 m from the hostel. Checking out the bar in the courtyard of the hostel. Checking the quality of czech beer. (Approved).

Special delight to meet welsh facebookie Lillian and her friend Tracy. Learning welsh language and testing more beer. Being in bar with facebookies from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ukrain, Poland, Wales, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Turkey and Greece. The mini-viking has forgot to be shy after 10 minutes and is having a good time, getting to know all the ladies and discovering, her english is not just something, she has to learn in school, but also a very useful skill. Going to bed,  but unable to sleep. Getting angry because of sleeplessness and worrying for abillity to enjoy next days concert, if not sleeping this night. Ends up sleeping for some hours.

Thursday 25th febr. Eating breakfast in cafe with mini-viking. Meeting all facebookies and going for a walk in Prague. Weather warm and beautiful. A blessing after the longest, coldest winter in Denmark. Suddenly a phone is ringing and someone is, secretly, asking for a lunch-date with all the facebookies. This means, we have to stop  the walk on Charles Bridge and make the facebookies return to the hostel, keep them together and make them meet for lunch. They can not be told about the new guest for lunch-date, because it is not confirmed for certain. But facebookies are well-organized. They all meet up outside the hostel at 13.00 CET and the group walks to a good czech restaurant nearby. They sit down, a big group at a  big table and 2 smaller groups at small tables and starts to order food and beverages, not-knowing about the secret guest, who has now, confirmed his arrival. Food is served, talk and laughter gets higher. People are excited about this evenings concert, for many, being the first one.

Suddenly a young guy enters the restaurant and says a friendly hello to the whole group. The conversations stops and you can hear the sound of many jaws, hitting the tables. Then, app. 25 different outbursts of joy, mixed with surprise. Some hugs. Some ladies just sitting with big smiles, in coma. The young guy, Alexander.. something, introduces his nice friend Maria, as one of the 3 violin-playing girls in his new team and the two of them finds 2 empty chairs . . .at my table..where Zuzana OK, Okhsana, Melanie Mazur are also sitting. He promises to move to the other tables for coffee and dessert.

I introduce my mini-viking to him. She sits at another table. He gets to her, shakes her hand and says: ” So you are the famous daughter of Marianne?” She likes him. The first thoughts in my mind, by seeing him again, is that he looks great. No signs of stress or pain or problems. Relaxed, cheerful, pleased to meet us all, happy to let Maria meet us all, curious, sparkling and feeling excited about the concert this evening. Trying to make us laugh with silly jokes but also being serious in his usual honest way. …

will be continued.


Corrections to part 1 of my report: In the evening of 24th, we borrowed a laptop and projector from the brother of czech facebookie Petra and turned room 305 of the hostel into a cinema. I think, we were 26 ladies in a room for 8 and the atmosphere got very hot and humid, as we watched to 2 DVD´s: Fairytale and Some Sunny Night, with one of the walls as movie-screen. Very good concept, invented in Berlin. It was after that, that we visited the bar in the courtyard and I forgot to say, there were lovely ladies from czech republic and Slovakia as well…I hope they forgive my forgetting. We are soo many nationalities, that one or 2 can slip!

The lunch, thursday 25th..continued. Maria sat next to me and Alex sat at the end of the table. That left a chair empty, but soon, ladies were sitting there on shifts. I was glad, I had eaten half of my food before our guests arrived, cause it is impossible for me,  to eat when he is near. I had the same problem in Berlin. I guess, it can be learned. Maria didn´t seem to have trouble with that. Both of them ordered food and enjoyed it. ( Fiddler: Steak and fried potatoes ).  Maria is so nice to talk to. She has lived in Prague for 5 years and is almost finished with the medicine-study. She has taken time off to join the fiddlers team and is working on the album-recording in Sweden right now.

The new songs will be of very different genres and she likes the work very much. She had heard about the new Fanclub for the 3 girls, but hadn´t seen it yet. Now she has. We talked a bit about the stage-costumes and she told, none of the 3 girls are very happy about the black dresses. They were the work of a stylist and they hadn´t had time to change it. They are looking for something else and she asked for suggestions.

Put them on their Fanclub-page:


I suggested jeans and t-shirts or black leather-trousers with metal-buttons or anything, they would feel comfortable in. The noise from our other 2 tables had changed, since the smurf arrived. Before, there were talking and laughter. Now, there were more giggling, laughter, talking, more giggling and some silence, because they tried to hear, what he talked about. I was a bit sad, that he sat at my table, when most of the ladies were at the other tables, but he had promised to shift tables and Simone has told me afterwards, she was glad he sat near me, cause she thinks, I have a good memory!! (heavy responsibillity!)

He told Maria, we ( the facebookies ) were the reason, that the concert in Prague had sold almost 1000 tickets. He said, it was amazing and that, they had been very surprised and impressed in his team. I asked, if he was surely happy about that the concert got much bigger. He looked at me, as he didn´t understand and I explained, that we didn´t know, if he had preferred a small concert for 300 people. His eyes got all round and big ( you know ) and he said, off course, he was happy about the concert getting bigger than expected and all the promotion and all the tickets sold. He said, he really liked the Video for promotion of the Prague-concert, that Marion Kubek made.

He also said, he really liked this international fan-site and was reading it. He is also reading more and more of the BOOK, the facebookies wrote for him, as the very first project we made together as Rybaks Facebookies in the summer of 2009. Finally, he is also reading more and more of his official Facebook-page. He got finished, recently, answering the 5000 fanletters he had received on his 2 adresses in Oslo, but he had discovered, there were more letters stored in the offices of bpopmentometer, so he has some more letters to answer.

He said: ” I want to ask you so many questions “. That was so sweet. I don´t know, if he meant me or the facebookies. He said ( to me ) ” Kjell-Arild tells, you are some kind of consultant “. I freaked out. I am a lab-technician and I told him. I told a bit about my work in the marine biogical lab by the sea in Helsingør and Maria got interested in the studies of algae and microfauna, so we talked a bit about that. I made the others at the table tell about their work. There was a lawyer, a housewife and a student. I said, my job is just a way to make a living and that real life begins, when I go home. I said, life is much easier like that.  Alex commented to that:  ” Not like my job! “.

We talked about the guys on his page. I praised Yannis, Yanis and Jan for being there for such a long time and making the page interesting. I said, they are very brave, to stay calm among all us ladies and Alex nodded to that. He asked: ” And none of them are gay?”. We confirmed that and added, that there are many more guys among his fans and some few are openly gay, but not the 3 guys, we had talked about. ” That´s good” , he smiled. It seems to matter to him, that his music and songs are important to his fans, though he doesn´t seem to mind, that other sides of him are popular too.

I tried to talk some danish to Alex and Maria, but norwegians have trouble to understand danes, so I went back to english and told him my old idea of him, giving concert in Tivoli in one of their summer-open-air-concerts. He said, it sounded great and asked, why I didn´t tell that before. ( But I have!) The rest was chat and fun. He and Maria ate their lunch. We made some fun about ideas for their stage-show with the new team. Like giving the 3 girls the same hair-color and dressing them alike, to make some confusion about who is who. Julia from Ukraine came over and talked with Alex in russian and I didn´t understand, but I love the sound of that language. She has met him before and he knows her.

Irena came over and talked with Maria. Maria asked me to add her on Facebook. Someone took a photo of my mini-viking with Alex and she was smiling like a sun! Alex fulfilled his promise and moved for the other table, to talk to the ladies and have his dessert. ( raspberries with some sauce ). Here ends my report from the lunch in Prague. I hope others will add, if I forgot something important.

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  1. Great report! Thanks Marianne.
    Someone of the Netherlands was in the pup too 😉

  2. Thank you, Lady M… This makes us feel we were there 🙁 Damn..why do I live so far away? Love you.

  3. Danka, I know, I allways forget some of our countries..Don´t judge me too hard. czech republic and Slovakia was definately there too!!

  4. Marianne…..sounds like a great lunch,,,,but you are keeping everyone in suspenders waiting for the remainder !!

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