Exclusive premiere! Music video of “Leave me alone” by Alexander Rybak is on VGTV now!

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Autor: Halstein Røyseland

Found by Hilde M. English translation by Tessa Lande.

See Alexander in a straitjacket.

For nearly three years, Alexander Rybak has been pursued by a female fan. The result is Rybak’s new single, “Leave Me Alone” in which the 26-year-old poses in straitjacket in the video.

“I refuse to let a woman make me crazy, but I like to play with the idea of it. I will certainly not want to have fun on the expense of those who are sick. That’s important for me to say clearly. But there is a symbolism that one can get crazy of it. She has ruined a lot for me”,- Rybak told VG.

When Rybak decided to make a new single this summer, he began to think of the girl, who has bothered him for nearly three years.

“It started innocently. I have many people who call me and ask how I’m doing. That’s just cozy. It’s not bothering if that they find my number. It is simply charming in small doses”,- Rybak says.

– What has she done?

– She has done many things. She sends lots of gifts. She has been by my parents and stuff. I’ve had to use tricks to manage to get past her when I am in Oslo.

– Have you considered reporting her to the police?

– I do not want to report her to the police. That’s so rude. I would rather be half rude and make a music video on it,- Rybak says.

Rybak has made “Leave Me Alone” in collaboration with producer David Eriksen.

“I think it’s so cool that he gave me a chance. Although he has never heard me make that kind of music before. He didn’t refuse me as a fiddle boy. I love when people in the music industry take me seriously”,- Rybak says.

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