Event: Alexander Rybak in the season premiere of NRK’s TV-show “Muitte Mu”, Saturday 10th of November 2018

Alexander Rybak is the first artist in this season of NRKs TV-show “Muitte MU” – “Remember Me”.

Six established artists will have 3 days to learn to joik. Together with a mentor they will compose a joik for a person close to them.  

The show is broadcast on NRK1 Saturday the 10th November at 22.15 CET, and can be watched online on NRK1 (probably not from abroad) or later from the archive. 
Since the show is pre-recorded it might be available from abroad from the archive already at the start of the broadcast.

September last year, Alexander spent some days in Kirkenes in the north of Norway together with his mentor and also took part in some activities, before he went home to add the musical arrangement to the joik he would perform in “Storgammen” in Karasjok in the north of Norway in February the following year .

Alexander Rybak experienced how it was to feel different and left out when he came to Norway as a child, It took a while before he felt accepted and could be himself at school. He therefore wants to use Sami joik to encourage all those who feel left out and invisible. 

Picture from when Alexander was in Kirkenes and met his mentor and took part in activities. Photo: Alexander Rybak 

The artists who take part in this season will get challenges other than just joik technique and vocalisation. Physical activities will make them find other ways into the joik’s world than they had thought of themselves.

It is exciting how professional Norwegian artists, who have hardly any knowledge about joik from before can learn how to add soundtrack to a feeling and a story. 

Alexander’s joik mentor is Frode Fjellheim, who uses many exciting ways to teach Alexander how he can find the joik in himself.

The other 5 artists in the following episodes are: Adrian Angelico, Miia (Mia Brubakken), Christian Ingebrigtsen, Miss Tati AND Ida Maria.

Source: NRK.no

Here  you can watch from season 1, where among others Elisabeth Andreassen was one of the artists who took part.  

Joik is also one of the genres in the musical TV-competition “Stjernekamp”, and in the video below it is Alexander’s  good friend Didrik Solli-Tangen who performs”Daniel’s Joik” in Stjernekamp  2017.


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