Alexander Rybak and Franklin Calleja are heading for Malta ESC 2015

Not long ago Alexander posted on Facebook about his  collaboration with the Maltese singer Franklin Calleja.

Alexander Rybak, Franklin Calleja, Olivier VanHoutte

“As you may know, I’m in love with songwriting. Not only for myself, but for other artists too. And this year my friend Olivier introduced me to Franklin Calleja, an amazing singer from Malta. I’ve written a song for him, and I’m sure that all of you will fall in love with his voice, and maybe even the song. “

With love and excitement, Alex

With the deadline for Malta Eurovision 2015 approaching it was rumoured that Alexander Rybak would be set to return to Eurovision for Malta as a composer for Franklin’s entry. Read more on
And finally, when TVM TV-channel announced the 20 songs in the semi-final, it was officially confirmed that Alexander Rybak is the composer of the song “Still Here” performed by Franklin Calleja.

Franklin Calleja and Alexander Rybak

Here is a video showing Franklin Calleja’s happy moment when “Still Here” was announced as one of the 20 songs in the semi-final on TVM-channel Friday 3rd of October 2014.

The semi-final will be Friday 21st of November, and 14 of the 20 songs will go further on to the final on Saturday the 22nd. All info about the national selection you find here. You can watch all the songs in the semi-final here.

The promotion video of “Still Here”

In 2012 Franklin Calleja become the winner of the hit show “Don’t Stop me Now” on NET Television. Read more about Franklin’s musical career so far in his Bio here.

Follow Franklin Calleja on his social medias:

fb_icon_325x325 Instagram-logo-005 imagesCA1TYE4U


Franklin Calleja with his amazing performance of ” Halleluhja” in the TV-show “Don’t Stop Me Now” in 2012.

And just a funny little story. Franklin Calleja has also recorded in the past his own version of an ESC-entry, being the 2010 Norwegian entry “My Heart Is Yours” from Alexander’s good friend Didrik Solli-Tangen. Unfortunately the YT-video of this is no longer available. Source:

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