6 thoughts on “Eurovision Song Contest, Dusseldorf, Germany, May 8-14, 2011”

  1. wow !!! I already guess that Alev will be there . But that s great that Marianne is also in my cauntry !! 😀 I hope that they ( Alex and Marianne ) love my country and stay sooooooooooooooooo long time !! 😀 THANK YOU SOOO MUCH AGAİN !! have a nice day !! 😀

  2. Thanks for info dear Julia !! 🙂 ı ll wait all of them 😀 Than do you know which facebookies will be in Alanya ?? :]

  3. Hello guys!!! 🙂 ı really love all that pictures. But ı would like to see somethings about Alex s Turkey concert which is in Bistro Bellman ! 😀 <3 plz plz plz !! share somethings about it.. 🙂 I <3 U!!!! 😀

    1. Hello Esra! The concert will be only tomorrow:) And there will be at least 2 our facebookies, so we will have a lot of stuff (pictures&videos&reports) very soon!:)

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