Eurovision 2009 WINNER Alexander Rybak: Female fans are still willing to marry me

The artist turns 33 on 13th of May.

Article from “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine” published on 13.05.2019
Source: Interview by Igor Kiprianov
Found and translated by Anastasia Silakova- Revised by Anni Jowett

Exactly 10 years ago Alexander Rybak won Eurovision with a romantic song “Fairytale”. Back then the singer received a record-scoring 387 points.

Eurovision 2019 starts on the 14th of May, therefore, it was interesting to discuss the current specialities of the euroshow with the Norwegian musician of Belarusian origin. The birthday was another good reason for this conversation: Alexander turns 33 on the 13th of May.

Alexander, how are you celebrating your 33rd birthday?

For the past 2 years I’ve had some health issues (the singer has been diagnosed with exhaustion, – author’s note), so I haven’t thrown any big parties. Last year the Eurovision final was held on the night of May 12th to May 13th. And right after the final my whole delegation, family and friends set off for a small birthday party. It was nice that so many people from different countries came to congratulate me.

Of course I get a lot of creative and out of the box birthday greetings from all over the world on social media. This year is the first time I have the energy to celebrate my birthday! But only… without sugar (smiles).

Is there something you lack in order to feel entire happiness?

Energy and patience!

You play the violin and the piano. What other musical instrument would you like to master?

For the time being I’m learning to play the guitar. Every day I improvise to jazz songs at home using all the instruments. I actually enjoy developing. It’s my way! I like finding something new, growing, experimenting and realising ideas.

 Can you be called an active social media user? What question do you get asked the most on Instagram?

Female fans are still willing to marry me. It is, indeed, a huge compliment. Although soon everyone will realise how much I enjoy my own company.

In 2009 Alexander received the Eurovision trophy – the crystal microphone. Photo: Instagram.

They say musicians are very fragile. Are you easy to hurt or drive mad?

It’s true. Fragile would normally mean “spoiled”. But I was raised up very well. If I get hurt, I definitely won’t complain.

 You have announced a new single on Instagram. Tell us about this song.

I’m happy I’m not dependent on big companies or rich producers. I record songs in my own studio in Oslo and work with the best musicians in Europe. I produce 2-3 music videos per year for my fans. They love it when I surprise them with different music genres. “I’m Still Here” is a ballad that I wrote for all of my devoted fans who have supported me throughout these 10 years since my Fairytale victory.

I can also add that this week the number of my YouTube subscribers reached 600 thousand, “Kotik” music video has more than 100 million views, as well as “Fairytale”. A new musical based on my “Trolle” book is being launched. I am very happy about that! And I will announce the Norwegian votes and wave the Norwegian flag with a smile in the Eurovision final!

To the point

“Lazarev is a true artist”

Have you heard the songs of the Eurovision 2019 contestants? Can you highlight someone among them?

This year there are many good songs and artists. I particularly like Sergey Lazarev, he has an emotional song. He is a true artist. In 2019 true artists are needed.

Last year, 9 years after your victory, you participated in Eurovision. In what way has the contest changed in your opinion

It has changed for the better. Last year I struggled with health issues. When I was told that I won the semifinal, I didn’t even have the energy to smile. I saved all of my energy for the performance – even though during Eurovision one should enjoy everything – the hype about the contest, the meetings, various events. But I’m sure that I’ll be back when I manage to fix my heath issues.

Point-blank question

In one interview you said that you prefer resting on your own. Do you manage to do that often? Because in your professional surroundings one has to face a lot of people.

My best talent in life is saying no. I’m often invited for interviews, to shows, private gigs, but I rarely say yes to those things. Should I agree to participate, I give 100% of myself to the spectators and to my audience. That is why I rarely disappoint people.

I relax when I watch films in my flat in Oslo.

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  1. Alexander, you have been the most amazing and beautiful discover I ever made coming here in Norway in 2010. I’m very lucky to be your fan!!! Thanks for your wonderful music!!!!

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