Elisabeth Andreassen about Alexander Rybak. April 4th ,2011

He fills the void Jan Werner left behind

See who Bettan can not do without.

Article published on TV2-webpage “God Kveld Norge” 14.04.2011.

Written by Ine Therese Back Iversen. Translated by Marianne Saietz.
Revised by Bita Janz

Source: TV2.no

Elisabeth “Bettan” Andreassen is experienced in the music industry. Over the years, she has worked with many artists both in Norway and in Sweden. This time, it’s the golden boy Alexander Rybak who has become her new partner. Something Elisabeth is very happy about. 

– We work well together and have become very good friends. We always have a great time with each other, she tells «God Kveld Norge».

More collaboration

On Thursday evening, the two came together to the red carpet in front of Grand Hotel to see Nora Farah’s fashion show. As usual, there was a lot of shared laughter between the two.

– Yes, she is my date this evening. There is no one who looks as good dressed in white as Elisabeth, said a pleased Alexander.

To which Elisabeth jokingly replied:

– White? I suppose you mean a white-Russian, then. (Belarus is referred to as White-Russia in Norwegian).

Rybak and Andreassen have worked together a lot over the last few years. Together they have toured with the show “Spellemann” (The Fiddler) and they do not deny that they have more plans and projects together in the near future.

Good friends.


– We will continue to work together, and perhaps we’ll even have something special prepared for the autumn. I can’t seem to keep myself away from him! – Andreassen says.

The new Werner

Elisabeth is known for her successful collaborations with many artists, including Hanne Krogh and her dear friend Jan Werner, who unfortunately passed away in 2006. And it is precisely him Andreassen thinks of when she works with Alexander.

–  We have to look after each other in this industry, and I am very fond of him. He is like another Werner for me, she says.

 Jan Werner

– Do you feel that Alexander is taking the place of Jan Werner?

– No. He is not taking it, rather, he is filling it,- she responds thoughtfully.

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