“Yohan – The Childwanderer” and ” How to train your dragon”

November 17th, 2010, The DVD of the movie “YOHAN-The Childwanderer”, was released for sale. 

It is a beautiful movie, that tells a true story about, how the poorest peasants in Norway, had to rent out their children as cheap labor to the wealthier farms far away, when times were hard on them. The children walked in groups, to the places, where they would live and work for some months. Therefore, they were called “Child-wanderers”. We learn the story through the eyes of Yohan, a young boy, who is sent out as Child-wanderer for the first time.

Official homepage of YOHAN, the movie:


Alexander Rybak, plays the part of a young musician, Levi, who travels around Norway, with a family-group of gipsys. The gipsys meet Yohan and the child-wanderers and play an important role in the plot of the movie.

Trailers and videos from Yohan – the Childwanderer:



November 3rd, 2010, the DVD of ” How to train your Dragon” was released for sale. Alexander Rybak gives voice to the young viking, Hiccups, who is the main-character of the 3D-animated movie!

Homepages of the movie. ( with trailers and info ):


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3 thoughts on ““Yohan – The Childwanderer” and ” How to train your dragon””

  1. im from england and i cant get the yohan dvd ANYWHERE! ive tried every website you can trust there is! please help.

  2. @Juannies2000, The movies are both in norwegian but I guess they will have english subtittles, Alex’s voice is in the movie “Dragetreneren” (How to train your dragon) and Hiccup who is the leading role has got his voice while in “Yohan the Child-Wanderer” Alex plays as Levi 🙂

  3. what is the movie language? english or norwegian? in which one is the Alexander’s voice?

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