During the concert in Vilnius Alexander Rybak was wearing a new vest created by a Lithuanian designer.

Article from www.alfa.lt 

Published on 12.09.13

Found by Ulli C. Translated by Erika Jasiūnienė. English revising by Katie Anderson.


Yesterday, September 11th, for the finale of the Christopher Summer Festival concert, appeared Norwegian violinist Alexander Rybak (27). He enjoyed not only our audience, but also  the country’s designers. At the concert in the Vilnius Picture Gallery courtyard, Alexander Rybak was wearing a vest created by designer Egidijus Sidaras of the fashion house “Cantas”.

The Violin performer confessed to the producers that it is the first case when his favorite part of an outfit – the vest – was created specifically for him by a designer, but after trying  on the new vest he also ordered another one.

Freedom of motion and the comfort of clothing are especially important for the violinist, famous for his energetic performances, so Alexander Rybak put his new vest on a few hours before the concert to get used to it.

“I would not say that Alexander is a big fan of fashion. His outfits are quite simple, but he really likes vests and and has a lot of them. With as many times as I have spoken with Alexander, I have never seen him in the same vest, “- said the violinist’s producer Ramunas Dieliautas.

Ramunas Dieliautas mentioned that Alexander Rybak was surprised Bby the fast work of the fashion home “Cantas”. The last fitting was on Tuesday, and on Wednesday at the concert with the famous “Fairytale” piece (which won the “Eurovision” contest in 2009) the singer was already rehearsing with his new garment.

In his interviews, Alexander Rybak makes note of the good, warm Lithuanian audience more than once. Therefore he has already performed in our country before. The “Cantas” designer Egidijus Sidaras and Alexander met in March last year, during one of the Norwegian violinist’s visits to Lithuania. It was then that they first spoke . Later Egidijus Sidaras sent some sketches of the garment, from which the artist has chosen his favorite styles.

For Egidijus Sidaras to create clothing for musical performers is not news. Recently, he adorned the maestro Donatas Katkus with a tailcoat and elegant bow-tie. This summer he created the stage costumes for all the women of the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra. And previously he also adorned the National Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra’s performers.

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