Do You Have Any Questions for Alexander Rybak?

If you have ever had a question for Alexander Rybak, now is your chance. Alexander would like to hear from you and answer your question. The questions and answers will be posted here, on the Alexander Rybak International Fansite. Therefore, if you have a question you want to ask, post it in a comment on this post before 6. April 2014.

We want you to include:
Your name (will be published on the internet, first name will do)
Your country
Your question

And if you would like, leave a quick story about where and when you discovered Alexander. Be aware that the fansite moderators do not work 24/7, so if your comment does not turn up at once, it will within a day or so.

For the record: This is no April fool’s joke if the date of posting confuses you.


124 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Questions for Alexander Rybak?”

  1. Finland
    Would you come to my daughter’s little Music School here in Finland to play with the children even though we wouldn’t have anything to give you back? No money, no nothing except our happy smiling faces?
    If you can’t answer to that ,then tell me who is/was the greatest violinist ever? And do you believe in trolls?

    I knew you from the Eurovision, but I became your fan few years later ,when I heard your playing one of my favorite song with your violin . After that I was stuck!

  2. México

    Hello Alexander, I am a very commited fan of you. I won’t ask you specifically about coming to my country. I know so far you have been to Canada and the United States, but the rest of the American countries (like Mexico) need to acknowledge a totally different musical option like yours, something we could find different, interesting and magnificent.

    So my questions is: what can I personally do to convince you that Latin America is a very profitable market? What could I do for you to consider in a near or distant future to come to the rest of the American Continent?

  3. Amélie

    I discovered the talent of Alexander in 2009 at the Eurovision contest on TV
    I love his voice his charisma energy melodies.
    is that you continue to learn French lessons?
    is that there will be a concert in France one day?
    what will register the new album ?

  4. from Iran

    Don’t you think of any new song or a new album?!
    I’m really eager for a new album from you<3
    Good luck man!

    I've known you from Eurovision. at that time I wondered "how this man play violin why he is singing?! he's a perfect artist!!!!"

  5. If you were releasing a classical album would you include your own compositions, too? In addition to big composers like Tchaikovski.


    I saw you on TV when you won the Eurovision Song Contest, the rest is history 🙂

  6. Hi Alex,
    I’m Jung from Vietnam and have been a fan of yours for 4 years now. Like your fans in Vietnam (I even thought I was the only one, but it turned out you have amazingly many fans here), I do hope you would come to my country someday. We have delicious food, fruits and beautiful beaches here 😀 But hopefully I will make it to your concert soon, no matter where 🙂

    Okay, my little question:
    Do you often have stage fright? And how do you overcome it? 🙂

  7. Mina Sofie Lund
    I’m from Norway, so I will write this question both in Norwegian and English 😉

    Hei Alexander! Tusen takk for at du er et så godt forbilde og for at du inspirer meg til å kanskje satse på en sangkarriere. Jeg håper på å få møte deg en dag slik at jeg kan hilse på deg og gi deg en god klem.
    Det jeg lurer på er: Du virker så utrolig positiv, uskyldig og godhjertet. Både gjennom musikken din og i de intervjuene du stiller opp i på tv. Vil du si at du er sånn privat også? Isåfall, hvordan klarer du å alltid være så positiv, uskyldig og godhjertet?

    Hello Alexander! Thank you for being a role model for me and for inspiring me to pursue a singing career. I hoping to finally get to meet you one day so that I can greet you officially and give you a big, warm hug.
    My question is: You always seem so positiv, innocent and goodhearted. Both through your music and in the interviews you do on television. Would you say that you are like that in privat aswell? If so, how do you manage to always be so positiv, innocent and goodhearted?

  8. Diana
    Could you send us a video speaking Spanish?
    Well I met you on TV on February 4, 2010 the official video playing Fairytale and impact me, you really are fantastic

  9. So we had a talk with girls. Seems like you have the sweetest hugs in the world.
    No kidding.

    So, hello Al.
    I am Ukrainian (23y.o.), and i have a few questions to ask.

    If everything is possible (and female tastes are out of consideration), how the perfect date would look like? The very perfect one.
    (No, you cannot slave a magic dragon on a perfect date. Lets be more realistic- No one can)

    Everyone have dreams. Girls usually dream of forever-love, guys usually dream of….What is the thing an average a guy would dream of?
    What did you dream of when you was a teenager?

    and the last dreamy question is: which memory pops up in your mind when you hear the word “hapiness”?

    put on your fabulous blue jacket more often


  10. Do you think you could elaborate on the meaning of your rather recent song “5 -- 7 years” please? 🙂

  11. Marina
    USA (Colorado)

    Privet Sasha! When are you going to do a tour in the US? You should come to Denver- we have the best outdoor amphitheater in the world- Red Rocks (

    FYI- my youngest son (also Sasha) loves your song “13 horses” and can sing it really well. He says he has perfect pitch!

  12. hi I am from mexico!
    and I would love to know if you plan to come to my country in the future?
    Do you know that you have many Mexican fans?

  13. Du har ju haft roller i både film och teater och och som röstskådespelare. Vilket föredrar du av de tre?

  14. Laura,Lithuania
    I heard about your projects with Norway’s music schools and I wonder if it’s possible to our music school in Lithuania to do a project with you? And if it IS possible,what we have to do to get it? Thank you 🙂
    P.s. I want to thank you so much for writing music,because it’s amazing! And also I want to thank you for inspiring me to play violin 🙂

  15. México

    how are you?
    you have a lot of fans here in Mexico, would you like to come someday?
    you’re the best singer in the all universe. I love your music and I listen it all the time.

  16. Poland

    If you could choose just one of these animals, which one would you like to have:
    a magic dolphin, one of the 13 horses, a strange little bird or en katt (på din kudde)? 😉

  17. MARISA

    Are you really as you look (kind, funny, sensitive, sweet, noble, loyal …) or on the contrary, you have a very different personality? Would you dare to compose a song in Spanish? You could do it in English and your Spanish fans would help you to adapt it to Spanish. Do you feel like? A hug.

  18. Hello,my name is Egle. I’m from Lithuania but currently I live in Spain.
    And I would like knowing when will do a concert in Valencia 🙂
    I love your music and want to meet you someday….

    Я люблю тебя

  19. England

    If you could play music to (or with) one of your favourite fictional characters, who would you chose and why?

  20. If you could play music to (or with) one of your favourite fictional characters, who would you chose and why?

  21. Germany

    I think you’re not only a great violinist with talents in so many genres but also an extraordinary good singer. So I wonder if you have taken singing classes as well during your studies at Baratt Due or if you have simply been “trained by your family roots”?

    I had the pleasure twice to attend a concert with you, once in Tonsberg last summer and then in Hannover in September. Not really many so far (having followed your work since eurovision) but I hope for more.

  22. Aleksandra,

    Will you come back to Poland with concert? 🙂
    Poland is missing you soo deep!! Please, do this pleasure for us, Poles!

  23. Vilde,

    Do you prefer younger or older women than you to be in a relationship? Blonde or brunette? You have to choose 😉

  24. Rikke,

    Heia Alex!
    You know a lot of artists who took part in Melodi Grand Prix 🙂
    Do you like Bjørn Johan Muri? and music that he creates?


  25. Depi
    I would like to know when are you planning to come back to Greece
    we love and miss you :*
    i first saw you at Eurovision 2009 and then we met at Euro Song 2013 in Athens 🙂

  26. Gwen,

    Haloo Alex!
    You’re so friendly guy, you have a lot of friends and I know that one of your best friends is Didrik Solli-Tangen. You made a lot of performances with him. I like this collaboration, really! 🙂
    But my question is.. As far as I know , Didrik has brother, Emil. Do you know him?? Do you like him??
    Maybe you can make a duet with him or even fantastic trio? 🙂

  27. Emilka from Poland,
    Which kind of training in gym do you prefer? Now I work in gym so this topic really interest me.
    Big hug. I’m still waiting for you in Poland next time.

  28. Renske

    The Netherlands

    If you could choose an artist to do a collab or a song with, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

    PS: I hope Paul de Leeuw invites you once again in one of his TV shows, we’re missing you to in the Netherlands. And keep going with your good work. We all will wait for something exciting. 🙂

  29. Mahdiyeh
    from Iran

    it’s great if we can ask question and u answer…

    Do u learn english as second language at school in norway? u speak so nice and some one like me is so lucky cos i can understand your speakings… if it was just norwegian i would die :))

    when will we your next musicvideo : 😉

    and the way i got to know your songs..
    last year i heard europ’s sky in a forume in someones profile and then fell in love with it…then fairytail and eurovision stage it was so exciting..
    now i think there isn’t any video of u on youtube that i havent seen and y 24/7 is your songs…for getting rid of confussion of my lessons and calming down a bit..loool

  30. Francheska

    California, United States

    Hello, Alexander! Will you ever have another concert in the States?

    And, out of the all of the places you’ve been to, what is your favorite?

  31. In case this is not an April’s fool joke, I have a real question, and I have been wondering about this for a while. Often you can listen to a violin recording and tell who is the violinist. Like Arve Tellefsen is easy to recognize, and in some cases you.
    Is this due to the violin, to the violinist using it, or the technique? Like if you borrowed Tellefsen’s Guarnerius, just to take an example, would it sound like you, or like Tellefsen -- or something else?

  32. Karen
    Colombia, South America.

    Hey Alex, I’d like to know what you know about South America and if you would like visit our continent.

    How did I knew your music?
    Well, I took English classes in a Language school, there was a class called karaoke, so they had some songs & you just had to pick one, I told them that I wanted a random song & ‘Fairytale’ started, it was hard to sing it but I inmediately fell in love with your music (:

  33. Turkey
    Our tale started with a great coincidence when you took a place on Eurovision stage.After some years I could get a chance to meet.You made my dreams and changed my life to real fairytale.I am trying to reflect your perfect character as an edıtor and taking inspiration from your great experiences.I hope I can find a chance to see you again.Anymore your melodies fascinated all my life.I have just some “if only in my life.If only I can spend a day with you or I was born in Norway and I could get your music easily but it doesnt matter because you are reflecting your touching and soft music all over the world.I wanna learn that,are you eager to coming true your childhood dreams and do you have any unforgettable moments during your meeting or concert? You showed us your amazing character as your music.I can’t find any words to tell you in this universe,just thanks for being with us,giving inspiration…
    Never lose your gleams 🙂

  34. Slovakia
    HI ALEXANDER! When you will have concert maybe in Austria or Slovakia? Do you have any plans go there? Btw BIG GREETING FROM SLOVAKIA! 🙂

  35. Vi (Champ)


    Can you come to my country (Vietnam)?
    You have many fans here. We love you so…

    And I knew you through a song, it’s “Oah”. You have taught me many things through your songs. Your songs are very excellent, I listen them every day. And I want to talk: “Please continue to make great things!”. 🙂

  36. Lithuania

    Any plans for coming to Lithuania? 😀

    What do you like most about your fans?

  37. Erika
    I’ve read that if you to rub with amber of the violin strings it sounds better, what do you think about it? Thank you 🙂

  38. Sweden

    When u stop being an artist and work as a fulltime composer would u like to live in another or Norway, and IF u live in Norway which town do you want to live in except Oslo??

    If it’s a april fools joke It’s a damn good one!!

    I first saw you in Eurovision but IRL I saw you in Så ska det låta. Hope u are coming to Stockholm soon!!! u are SO good!!! <3

  39. Gurl you is damn fine. You is fine as hell.

    When you coming to NYC? We can bump and grind to dem fine ass songs of yo’s.

  40. AnniJo
    We all know how well you have mastered the technique of playing your violin like a guitar. But I often wonder is it possible to play a guitar like a violin?

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