Do You Have Any Questions for Alexander Rybak?

If you have ever had a question for Alexander Rybak, now is your chance. Alexander would like to hear from you and answer your question. The questions and answers will be posted here, on the Alexander Rybak International Fansite. Therefore, if you have a question you want to ask, post it in a comment on this post before 6. April 2014.

We want you to include:
Your name (will be published on the internet, first name will do)
Your country
Your question

And if you would like, leave a quick story about where and when you discovered Alexander. Be aware that the fansite moderators do not work 24/7, so if your comment does not turn up at once, it will within a day or so.

For the record: This is no April fool’s joke if the date of posting confuses you.


124 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Questions for Alexander Rybak?”

  1. Hi ! I hope life is treating you well !
    My question is .. if you could have one pet for the rest of your life , what would it be? I’m very curious about that ! but also depending on what pet which breed would it be ?

    1. Hi there. This Q&A was over in 2014, so not possible to get an answer on you question now. But Alexander had a dog for many years, called Cindy, so maybe dogs are his favorite pet 🙂

  2. Hi Alex! I discovered you when you won the Eurovision Song Contest. I was listening your song rarely but then, on the date 21th of September I opened that music video again, and I really loved you! I love you so so so so so much just like your other fans and I really want to see you. You came Turkey 3-4 times and you keep coming. But I couldn’t come to your concerts.Could you please come again? If you will whaen? Will it take too long?

  3. Heeeyy! Dear Alex , i have question for you. First , i love you sooo soo muchh! Im from Turkey:) In Turkey , you have mannnyy fanss right here! Would u thinking coming Turkey this year’s summer for giving concert pleasee!! Please! Make my dream real :3 I think this is my last chance. I couldn’t go your concerts previously.
    Take Care Of Yourself , Because WE LOVE YA SO SO MUCH! <3

  4. hello alex!!!
    you had a wonderful concert in Baku on may.when will you come to Baku again??tho olympiads will be in Baku for next year, will you come here to watch it??you have to, baceuse you went to Russia to watch it… :)) pleaseeee!!come!i miss you, we miss you.. :))


  5. hi dear fiddler!
    what makes you love our country Turkey?and a second question; if we (your fans) write a song in Turkish or in English, would you sing it??and the third and the last question; if you come Turkey, could you please come to Denizli too?i can be your tour guide :)))

  6. The answers are now published 🙂 you find the info about the publishing here :

    And the questions and answers here:

    And to those of you who didnt got your question answered, join the Q&A on Alexander’s homepage You can ask questions there until the 28th at 6 PM. Don’t miss the chance 🙂

  7. hi dear fiddler!
    what makes you love our country Turkey?and a second question; i we (your fans) write a song in Turkish or in English, would you sing it??and the third and the last question; if you come Turkey, could you please come to Denizli too?i can be your tour guide :)))


  8. did anyone inhibit you when you wanted to be a pop-singer with your violin??i mean, was it too hard to be?violin wasn’t usual to play popular songs years ago as we know..and what should i do if i want to be a fiddler like you?how did you work to be a famous singer??(i know i have a lot of questions..sorry 🙂 )
    well, i discovered you last year..but i was listening your songs before.i got your two songs from one of my friends, fairytale and europe’s skies..but their names were ‘my favorite song1’ and ‘my favorite song2’ 😀 my friend changed their names and she didn’t have time to tell me..last year while i was listening your songs my roommate asked was i a Rybaker..i coulnd’t understand first but then she told your name, gave some informations about you, and now i know you…i am so thankful that to my roommate…that’s all… 🙂

  9. Sorry Amelie, I didn’t see your question before now. It will come. Alexander firstly wanted to have his answers ready so they could be published when he released his new music video “Into a Fantasy”, but unfortunately he didnit manage due to his busy schedule, so he asked us kindly for permission to postpone it until after the summer. And we couldn’t say no to that. 🙂 He sent us a msgs recently saying he hasn’t forgot about it, and will do it as soon as he find the time.

  10. Hello, I’m Mien and I’m from Viet Nam.
    I’m really touching when I hear ”13 horse”. It makes me search on the internet to find more information about this song. But I can’t find anything without music file,lyric,…
    So can you tell me when and why you write this song?
    I wish you would be more successful in your career. 🙂
    Oh, my english is very bad, so I’m so sorry if I have some mistake in this comment 🙂

    1. @Mien, it’s too late to ask questions in this section, unfortunately. But I can answer your question. The story of the song creation is that his mother was reading a poem about 13 horses to Alex when he was little. He was very touched every time he heard it. So when he became adult he got an idea of writing a song and lyrics using the plot from that Russian poem.

  11. You and Vanessa-Mae are my favorite violinists. Any possibility of you two doing a concert together? I would love to hear you play Vivaldi’s Storm with the creativity that you put into your 2009 peformance of Fairytale: rel="nofollow ugc">. You probably get tired of hearing this, but I was so impressed with that piece of work. By the way, if I tried to play Vivaldi’s Storm, my arm would fall off.

  12. Hi! I’m Sara and I’m from Iran.
    I have a question, what can I do to show you how much I like and admire your songs? What can I do to tell you how much pleasure and good feelings I gave from your songs when I listened to them at best moments in my life? What should I do to give you my merci and say you TANK YOU?
    Would you tell me please?

    And I have another question: I guess the story of the song first kiss is real , isn’t it? I think it is full of your personal emotions… 🙂 😉

    The first time that I heard you, I had gotten a CD full of nice -mostly classical- music from a friend and your fairy tale was there…at first I didn’t like it much but after a while I find it amusing really (:

  13. Canada

    Is it too late to ask another question? 😀

    On instagram, you posted “On this day, I’ve decided to write only new songs from now on.”

    What made you decide that? What exactly do you mean by that? Is your decision really official, rybakofficial?

  14. Poland
    What do you start with when you’re creating a song -- music or lyrics? I was always curious about it. And what gives you more inspiration -- bad or good emotions?
    PS. I haven’t seen you in a while, so I kinda miss your hugs -- a virtual one would be nice, too. Kisses from Poland!

  15. Poland
    1. Would you like to have a party with your Polish fanclub when you will (FINALLY) come back to Poland?
    2. How long does it take for you to get drunk? (No, we don’t have any evil plan connected to question nr 1, just ignore it for a while…)
    PS. Remember that Polish vodka is the best vodka. Seriously.

  16. Lithuania

    Hi Alex :)))
    Can you give me some advice, how to speak with audience, who don’t believe in you? I know that your audience loves you, but let’s say.. :)) thanks

  17. Poland

    In 5 to 7 years, when you will lead a peaceful life as a composer you could spend for example only one month a year travelling with concerts abroad. Your future wife probably wouldn’t be unhappy and your fans/friends would be veeeery happy. What do you think about it? 🙂

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