Alexander Rybak in the podcast “SnøløsBørud” 25.01.2021

Alexander Rybak in Lisa Børud Gustavsen and Amalie Snøløs’ podcast.

Alexander Rybak has really dived into the podcast world and this time he was guest in Amalie Snøløs and Lisa Børud Gustavsen’s podcast, where Alexander talked about his faith and reminisced back on Eurovision 2018.

Alexander and Lisa are old buddies. Lisa was one of the dancers on stage with Alexander in Eurovision final in 2018 and has also been on tour with him with him in 2018 with the Christmas concert ” “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” (Silent Night Holy Night) .

And we have uploaded the interview on YT for those of you who don’t have access to Spotify.

No English subtitles yet.

Alexander Rybak in Cris NB’s podcast 2021

Alexander Rybak in the Mexican podcast Cris NB

The Mexican Christian Navarrete Barrera invited Alexander Rybak for an interview on his podcast “Cris NB” quite a while ago. The interview was announced to be broadcast already in October (see promo further down), but due to Alexander’s busy life it was postponed several times.

But now it is finally here 🙂

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Alexander Rybak – Interview in God Kveld Norge 01.01.2021

Alexander Rybak chose the worst year for detox.

Source: Interview publish on 01.01.2020
Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revised by Anni Jowett

Text to featured picture:
POSITIVE: Despite the fact that the year has been marked by many challenges and trials, Alexander Rybak feels that he has become himself again. Now he has entered the master’s program at Colombia College and will focus exclusively on this. Photo: Berit Roald/NTB scanpix

It has been a busy year for Alexander Rybak (34), with studies, detox and the corona pandemic. Now the musician wants to focus solely on his master studies.

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