Alexander Rybak -Interview in the Ukranian magazine “Otdokhni” (Have some rest) June 2020

“The only hope for a normal life is giving up the pills”

Source: Online version of the paper issue of “OTDOKHNI” nr 27/2020 published 26.06.2020. Thanks to Yana Pryadka for informing about the interview and Anastasia Silakova for the English translation.

Some info: Alexander has made an Russian version of his song “Give Me rain”. The title in Russian is “Позади” (pronounced Pozadi, which means “Behind” in English. The music video of the Russian “Behind” you’ll find below.

Sasha, you’ve recently scared your fans with an honest confession: you had been addicted to sleeping pills and antidepressant medication for 11 years! Knowing you as an outstanding artist, it’s hard to believe…
Actually, my intention was not to scare my fans but to comfort them (smiling). Because many of them suspected that I had health issues. For the past years I’ve smiled less and less, I’ve moved slowly. I’m sure they are glad I’ve finally pulled myself together.

When did you realise that it’s time to kick your habit? Was there any turning point?

The thing is that for 4 years I’d been trying to figure out why I had bellyache every day, why I couldn’t think properly, enjoy life and even breathe! And when last year I realised that all those struggles came up in between the doses of Diazepam and sleeping pills, I figured my only way hope for a normal life was giving up the pills.

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