Interview with Alexander Rybak at GMN’s 25th anniversary party 24.10.2019

It’s not often Alexander Rybak is to be seen walking the red carpet, but for the popluare Norwegian morning TV-show “God morgen Norge” he made an exception. And the reason why, he tells in the interview. 🙂

“God morgen Norge” celebrated their 25th anniversary and since their logo is yellow, the celebrities walked a “Yellow carpet” this time.

The video has English subtitles by TessaLa , revision by Anni Jowett.

Some screenshots from the video interview.

Alexander Rybak on his musical “Trolle” in GMN 25.10.2019

Alexander was a guest in the Norwegian breakfast TV-show “God morgen Norge” (Good morning Norway) where he talked about his most cherished project, the musical “Trolle”.

The video, recorded and uploaded by May. E. Nipen, has English subs. Translation by TesssaLa, revision by Anni Jowett. Link to the original episode on TV2 SUMO

Screenshots from the TV-show