Alexander Rybak in the Slovakian TV-show Chart Show 22.5.2019

The Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak in Slovakia.

Alexander took part in the TV-show “Chart Show” which this time had the topic the biggest hits in Eurovision. Alexander’s “Fairytale” was ranked as number one and here you can watch his performance and interview in the show:

You all remember his song.

Source for text and videos: Translation by Peťa Pítý Hauserová .

The talented young man represented Norway at the prestigious competition twice.

In 2009 he won the prestigious competition Eurovision Song Contest. Alexander Rybak, who was born in Belarus but represented Norway, won in a sovereign way. He got until then the highest number of points ever awarded.

With his “Fairytale”, to which he himself accompanied on the violin, he convinced most of the voting countries, where the song eventually became number one on the hit lists.

Last year, the talented young man represented Norway at the prestigious competition again. With the song “That’s How You Write A Song”, he didn’t repeat the success from years ago. Recently, however, he came to the Chart Show, where they rank the song (Fairytale) among the the biggest hits of Eurovision.

An interview presented by Marzika TV before the show eas broadcast. Translation by Peťa Pítý Hauserová .

Alexander Rybak guest in Nitimen on NRK1 16.05.2019

Exactly 10 years after winning Eurovision in Moscow 2009, Alexander visited the Norwegian radio-show “Nitimen” on NRK1 and presented his newest song release “I’m Still Here”. A song to his fans who has followed him since his victory in 2009.

In the interview he also talk about his plans for vacation, the many anniversaries and birthdays in his family in May and the musical “Trolle”.

The interview is recorded by May Elisabeth Nipen, translated by TessaLA, Revision by Jorunn Ekre and Anni Jowett. Source: NRK1

Alexander Rybak felt guilty because of “Fairytale”- Ingrid

Felt guilty because of “Fairytale”-Ingrid

Text to photo: Ten years: It is 10 years since Alexander Rybak brought the victory home in Eurovision Song Contest. Here he celebrates the victory. Photo: Henning Lillegård

Source: Pluss, published 17.05.2019. Text by Mathilde Lea. Translation by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett.

It’s been unresolved for ten years, tells Alexander Rybak. This week it’s the ten year anniversary of the “Fairytale” adventure in Moscow.

It’s the biggest thing that has happened, and probably will happen, in my life, says Alexander Rybak to Dagbladet. This week it’s exactly ten years since he won the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with the song “Fairytale”.

“I’m in love with a fairytale, even though it hurts. Cause I don’t care if I lose my mind. I’m already cursed.”

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Eurovision 2009 WINNER Alexander Rybak: Female fans are still willing to marry me

The artist turns 33 on 13th of May.

Article from “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine” published on 13.05.2019
Source: Interview by Igor Kiprianov
Found and translated by Anastasia Silakova- Revised by Anni Jowett

Exactly 10 years ago Alexander Rybak won Eurovision with a romantic song “Fairytale”. Back then the singer received a record-scoring 387 points.

Eurovision 2019 starts on the 14th of May, therefore, it was interesting to discuss the current specialities of the euroshow with the Norwegian musician of Belarusian origin. The birthday was another good reason for this conversation: Alexander turns 33 on the 13th of May.

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I’m Still Here – Alexander Rybak

“I’m Still Here” – new release by
Alexander Rybak

On his 10 years anniversary for his Fairytale victory with a historical number of points, Alexander is releasing “I’m Still Here”, a love ballad to all his fans around the world.

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