Alexander Rybak on “loffen” – interview in Amta 19.09.2008

Alexander Rybak on “loffen”

Eleven days this summer Alexander Rybak from Nesodden went from door to door at Sunnmøre (in the north-west of Norway) with his fiddle on his shoulder.

Source: Paper issue of Amta (local paper in Nesodden), published 19.9.2008. Text: Trond Folckersahm. Photos: Trond Folckersahm and Alexander Rybak. The interview was done at the Opera House in Oslo.
Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.

– A nerve-racking, exciting, challenging, eventful and fun experience, says Alexander, who has had a very active year.

He has, among other things, been on the stage in the role as the fiddler in “Spellemann på taket” (Fiddler on the Roof) at Oslo Nye Teater. There has also been time for the recording of a movie. Alexander has a musical role, as the gypsy Levi, in the big production  «Yohan», which will premier in Norwegian cinemas next year. Concerts have of course been on the schedule. But the “raisin in the sausage” may have been the ten days on “loffen” in Giske municipality in Sunnmøre with his fiddle on his back. A maybe some unusual “stunt” from a classically trained violinist.
Text to photo: Alexander has been on the theater stage, film studio and on “loffen” this year. Who knows, maybe the opera stage is next.

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The wandering fiddler – Alexander Rybak – summer 2008

Next week Alexander Rybak will go from door to door in Giske municipality and play violin and get shelter and food in return.

Souce: Paper issue of Sunnmørsposten, published 19. July 2008. Text and photo: Nils-Ove Støbakk.


– I have read stories about “øyloffing” (island hopping) and wondering where people stayed on such a trip. Then I decided I would stay with strangers.
Alexander Rybak is not exactly the prototype of a traveling troubadour, although he will until next Sunday be strolling
around the islands Valderøya, Vigra, Giske and Godøya with the violin under his arm.
Last year Alexander was instructor at the Summer School orchestra School at Borgund Folkehøgskule. He got the chance to see the view from Fjellstua, and then he got the idea.
– It was the best view ever! It looked very nice on the islands, so I thought that I would try loffing there. Continue reading The wandering fiddler — Alexander Rybak — summer 2008

Alexander Rybak has a special relationship with Indre Østfold (Norway)

It is no coincidence that Askim became one of the first stopovers for Alexander Rybak on his anniversary tour.

Source:, published 10.04.2019 Text: Karina Torberntsson
Found and provided by May E. Nipen. Translated by TessaLa, revcision by Anni Jowett. Featured picture: Alexander’s official anniversary tour photo (not used in the original article). 

More info about the anniversary tour HERE

The popular violinist has a special relationship with Indre Østfold.

– I have only had one concert before the “10 years of fairytales” concert at Askim culture house this Thursday. One of the reasons I come to Indre Østfold so early on the tour is that I feel confident about the audience. Both during the Soot-Play and seminars, I always get an incredibly good response. The people here are very calm, which is no wonder since they live in such beautiful surroundings. It’s a completely different pace here than in Oslo. The audience is more focused and alert, which I, as a classical musician, greatly appreciate. It seems that they are extra receptive when I fire up an energy-rich song on stage, says Alexander Rybak. Continue reading Alexander Rybak has a special relationship with Indre Østfold (Norway)

Interview with Alexander Rybak in the Norwegian magazine “Norsk Ukeblad” 25.03.2009

Alexander Rybak does strange things

Alexander Rybak is full of charm, but you wouldn’t want him as your neighbor.

Source: Norwegian magazine Norsk Ukeblad, published 25.3.09. Text Tommy Larsen.  Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Katie Anderson.

His brown eyes charm through the screen and into the TV-living rooms in the country. He has truckloads of the “x factor”. He has taken the nation by storm and is our big international hope in the Eurovision Song Contest. Continue reading Interview with Alexander Rybak in the Norwegian magazine “Norsk Ukeblad” 25.03.2009