Alexander Rybak the Great – Interview in Dagbladet 20.02.2009

We cheer for Alexander Rybak

This is the most popular thing you have ever done. You can participate in Melodi Grand Prix with this.

Source: Paper issue of Dagbladet’s magazine FREDAG, 20.02.2009. Text by:  Anne Gunn Halvorsen. Photo: Lars Myhren Heland. Place: Vigra. Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett. 

This is what Alexander Rybak (22) was thinking when he was standing on a mountain top outside Ålesund this summer. He brought out his violin to play a bit in the summer weather, and what came out was to become a huge favourite in tomorrow’s Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix final, the song “Fairytale”. Continue reading Alexander Rybak the Great — Interview in Dagbladet 20.02.2009

A fantastic and powerful opening act of MGP 2019 by Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak with a fantastic  and powerful opening act in MGP 2019

Featured picture by photographer: Cato Ingebrigtsen 

As the winner of Melodi Grand Prix  2018 Alexander would perform his last year’s winning song “That’s How You Write a Song” in the MGP final in 2019. It was also 10 years since he won an all time high with his legendary “Fairytale”, and Alexander surprised us all with a fantastic medley of not only his own two winner songs, but also gave a tribute to Norway’s two other Eurovision winner’s songs “La det swinge” and “Nocturne” . 
The response from the audience was tremendous, and he really made a great opening to get the show really started 🙂  Continue reading A fantastic and powerful opening act of MGP 2019 by Alexander Rybak

Event: Alexander Rybak teams up with Dag Otto Lauritzen in the Norwegian TV-show “Huskestue” on TV2

Alexander Rybak teaming up with Dag Otto in “Huskestue” on TV2.

Kristian Ødegård and his partner Dag Otto Lauritzen are back with the 5. season of “Huskestue” with new medium-difficult questions, quirky punishment methods and a lot of fun.

March 31, Alexander Rybak teams up  with Dag Otto and get tested his knowledge when it comes to answering the host Kristian Ødegård’s questions about the Nordic countries and music. And do they manage to beat the other team, which consists of Elisabeth Andreassen and Robert Gustavsson? The program was recorded on January 22, 2019.

Broadcast on TV2 (pay-TV) on 31 March at 20:00 to 21:00 CET.

TV2’s archive in SUMO (subscription needed)