Alexander Rybak in the Norwegian talk-show “Senkveld” 4.5.18

Alexander was a guest in the very last season of the Norwegian talk-show “Senkveld”.

The show was broadcast 4th of May on Norwegian TV2 when Alexander already had arrived in Lisbon, so the interview is pre-recorded. Since it was the final season, Alexander brought gifts, a monkey pet, for each of the hosts. These monkeys are a symbol for the Cystic Fibrosis organisation. The girl he mentioned is Niels Peeters. Alexander played at her anniversary concert in 2016 in Boxmeer. 

The video is recorded and uploaded by May Elisabet Nipen. The video has English, French, Croatian and German sub.

Some pictures from the show


Tributes his mother with a song – article on 19.07.18

Only Mom could comfort me back then.

Alexander Rybak performed his brand new song “Mom” on “Allsang på grensen” Thursday, July 19th, with his mother in the audience.

Source:, published 19.07.18. Text: Vilde Brandtzæg Clausen. Photo: Thomas Andersen/TV2. English transaltion, TessaLa. Revision by Anni Jowett.

Since the Eurovision final, it has been quiet from Alexander Rybak. The song “That’s How You Write a Song” ended in 15th place in this year’s final, and Rybak expressed the disappointment afterwards. Continue reading Tributes his mother with a song — article on 19.07.18

Touched his mother to tears from the stage. 19.07.2018

I’m so proud of my boy!

The evening edition of the annual summer show “Allsang på grensen”, which was recorded yesterday,  can offer everything from tears to joy. 

Source:, published 19.07.18 Text by  Julie Solberg  Marius Kromvoll. Photo by TV2
English translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.

In addition, the popular artist Tor Endresen (59) surprised with the news that he will become a grandfather for the third time , the audience also witnessed a big and emotional moment for Alexander Rybak (32) and his mother Natalia. Continue reading Touched his mother to tears from the stage. 19.07.2018

MOM – new song by Alexander Rybak, a tribute to his Mother

“Mom”, Alexander Rybak’s tribute to his mother Natasha. 

Alexander has in many interviews talked about the close relationship with his mother, and how important she has been in both his private and musical life. Now he has made a song for her, simply called “MOM”. The lyrics you’ll find below 🙂   

You can stream/download the song from these digital platforms:



Continue reading MOM — new song by Alexander Rybak, a tribute to his Mother

Alexander Rybak performed for Crown Princess Victoria – article in 15.07.2018

The artist was invited to perform for Crown Princess Victoria on her birthday.

Source:, published 15.07.18 Text: Anniken Aronsen. Photo: Pr Jahnke and private. 
Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett

July 14, also known as the “Victoriadagen” (Victoria Day) in Sweden,  was made a great celebration of Crown Princess Victoria’s 41st birthday. Alexander Rybak was one of those invited to stand on stage.
– It is the greatest honour for a violinist to be invited to royal celebration. I feel like Ole Bull now, Rybak writes in a text message to VG before the show. Continue reading Alexander Rybak performed for Crown Princess Victoria — article in 15.07.2018

I have learned to control myself better – Alexander Rybak to Moskovsky Komsomolets 27.04.2018

Alexander Rybak, the hero of Moscow Eurovision made it to Lisbon not without good reason

Source: Published: 23.04.2018, Text:  Artur Gasparjan
Published in the paper issue №27673 “Moskovsky Komsomolets” on the 27th April 2018.
Translated by Mónika Menyhért, revised by Karina Solberg and Anni Jowett

Any day now, the first rehearsals of the Eurovision Song Contest-2018 will start in Lisbon. The current theme of the musical “Olympics” “All Aboard” symbolises not only the completion of the nightmare for the organisers because of last year’s squabbles around the “Crimean greetings in a wheelchair” from Russia, which led to a boycott by the very same Russia of the contest in Kiev, but it has other, more pleasant meanings: for example, a record number of countries – 43 –, including the same Russia with the same Julia Samoylova, who will finally realise her pink dream of participating in the contest, as well as the presence of extremely iconic characters of the Eurovision circus. One of these cherries on the cake was the appearance of the famous Norwegian-Belarusian Alexander Rybak among the contestants.

Continue reading I have learned to control myself better — Alexander Rybak to Moskovsky Komsomolets 27.04.2018

Alexander Rybak at the “Victoriadagen” concert 14.07.2018

Alexander Rybak performed at the “Victoriadagen” concert.

“Victoriadagen” (The Victoria Day)  is a tribute to Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday. The celebrations usually take place on the island of Öland, where the Swedish Royal family spends their summer holiday. This year Alexander was one of the artists who performed at the concert for the Crown Princess. 

Here is a playlist of Alexander’s performances, “Fattig Bonddräng” together with Kalle Moreaus, “Jealous” and “Song From a Secret Garden”. 

Alexander also gave a short interview to the “Victoriadagen” Magazine.

How does it feel to perform in Sweden again and this time even for the Swedish Royal Family?

-What I like the most in life is to travel and play together with other people. And finally get to play at Øland (Sweden) for the Crown Princess together with great Swedish artists, is in fact a dream that came true. 

-Some Swedes may remember me from the TV-show “Let’s Dance”, but most of my career has not been about dance but about violin play. I am still practising 3-4 hours per day to develop my talent.

What other career plans do you have in addition to perform at the “Victoriadagen”?

-In Norway it is soon the premier of my own musical, which is based on my children’s book “Trolle”. I like to work with children and have had the pleasure to take part in several music seminars in Sweden, where I have tried to inspire children and show them new ways of playing and experience music genres.

Tell us about your new song.

-My latest song I have called “Mamma” (Mom), because it is written for my Mom, but I’m not sure if that is the right song for the Crown Princess’s birthday. I will perform something special for both the Crown Princess and the audience in Borgholm. 


Alexander interviewed by “Ari & Michael” P4 23.06.2018

Alexander Rybak with “Ari & Michael”

«A newly operated Alexander Rybak tells us how important everyday flirting is, about his extreme control needs and why he doesn’t always  smile when someone wants to take a selfie with him.»

Alexander interviewed for the first time after his surgery of his tonsils. Michael Andreassen knows Alexander well from many earlier interviews and together with Ari Behn, with his philosophic inputs, they gave us a bit different and warm interview.  

The interview has so far English subs for the first 17 minutes. The rest will follow soon 🙂 

Source: P4 podcast archive, published 4.7.18.