Enthusiasm for Alexander Rybak’s new stage show

Alexander Rybak had his very first rehearsal with new stage outfits on the Eurovision stage in Lisbon today.

Text to the picture: First rehearsal: Alexander Rybak during the first rehearsal at this year’s Eurovision.

Source: nrk.no., published 1.5.2018. Text: John Marius Hyttebak and Ingvild Silseth. Translated by Jorunn Ekre. Revised by Anni Jowett.

It was a relieved Alexander Rybak who spoke to NRK right after the rehearsal was over.

– This was 40 kg off my back. The feeling I got when I saw it myself afterwards, it’s what I live for, he says and adds that it’s not that important whether Norway reaches the final or not. Continue reading Enthusiasm for Alexander Rybak’s new stage show

Pictures and videos – 1st rehearsal in Eurovision Song Contest 2018 – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak’s first stage rehearsal in Lisbon 1.5.2018.

There will be many interviews, pictures and articles from the 1st rehearsal. Below we will gather most of them so you easily can get an overview of what is written about Alexander’s first rehearsal. This post will be updated with more information during the day 🙂 

 Eurovision.tv’s photos from the rehearsal:

Eurovision has provided us a 45 second video from the rehearsal and a photo gallery.  There will also be several interviews with the many ESC groups that is present. This post will be updated during the week. 

And the video:

The review from the many who followed the rehearsal was a wow!. And he got applause in the press centre. 

Video from the press conference: