EVENT: Alexander Rybak in “Allsang på grensen” 2018

Alexander Rybak performs in Norwegian summer TV-show “Allsang på grensen” this year too 🙂 

Alexander will meet some familiar people among the artists. “Elg” from “Hver gang vi møtes” and Tor Endresen from the Christmas tour. Tor Endresen will perform together with his daughter. 

Artists in the show:
Alexander Rybak
Dance With a Stranger (Elg is the front singer in this band)
Finn Kalvik
Tor Endresen og Anne-Sophie Endresen

Recording of the show:
Date and time: 
Wednesday 18. of July at 18.00 CET. 
: Fredriksten Festning, Halden, Norway:

Broadcast of the show will be 19. of July on Norwegian TV2 (pay-TV) 

Alexander has taken part in “Allsang på grensen” several times. Click on the “year” to see his performances.

2009   2010  2011   2013  2014   2016 2017

Alexander Rybak’s mother and girlfriend in Lisboa to support him.

Alexander Rybak’s girlfriend
was not prepared for the success

Source: NRK.no, published 11.05.18. Text: Tiril Mettesdatter Solvag of Caroline Tolfsen. Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett. 

– Alexander is going to completely charm everyone on Saturday, says Julie Holm’s girlfriend to NRK.

He can become the second artist in the world to win the international version of the Melodi Grand Prix twice. Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s mother and girlfriend in Lisboa to support him.

Natasha and Julie about Alexander Rybak to VG – Eurovision 2018

Alexander Rybak’s girlfriend in Lisbon: “That’s why I fell for Alexander”

Source: VG.no. Text: Stein Østbø , published 11.05.18. Interviewer: Morten Hegseth. Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak’s closest supporters, mother Natasha Rybak and girlfriend Julie Gaarud Holm, are in Lisbon and ready to cheer for their dear one in the Eurovision final. Continue reading Natasha and Julie about Alexander Rybak to VG — Eurovision 2018

Julie is the anchor in my life, says Alexander Rybak

-I feel like Peer Gynt. Now I have my “Solveig” to come home to, tells Alexander Rybak, who also reveals that he has a trollish dream…

Source: paper issue of “Her og Nå”, published 15.5.18. Text: Tommy Halvorsen. Photo: Tomy Halvorsen, Lasse Eriksson and NTB Scanpix. English translation by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett. 

 Once again Alexander Rybak charmed the TV viewers of Europe. Unlike last time he was part of the Eurovision circus, the charmer, who turned 32 the day after the final, managed to enjoy the experience more.  Continue reading Julie is the anchor in my life, says Alexander Rybak

EVENT: Alexander Rybak in the Show “50 years with summer show at Klubben”

Alexander Rybak is one of the artists is the show “50 years with summer shows at Quality Hotel Klubben” in Tønsberg, Norway.

ANNIVERSARY SHOW 29th. June 2018

Taran and StarWorks present a star-filled anniversary show at the Quality Club in Tønsberg in Norway this summer. We celebrate the 50th anniversary by bringing together some of Norway’s most popular artists, who also have in common that they have earlier entertained in the summer shows at the Club.

There is only one show the 29th June at 20.00 CET

Tickets on TICKETMASTER.no

You can book also book an “anniversay package” including hotel and ticket and dinner by callin,g  (0047) 33 35 97 00 or send an email to: q.klubben@choice.no

​On stage you will see among others: Toralv Maurstad, Wenche Myhre, Øivind Blunck, Elisabeth Andreassen, Alexander Rybak, Sturla Berg-Johansen, Tor Erik Gunstrøm, Hilde Lyrån, Didrik Solli-Tangen, Jon Eikemo, Christine Koht, Reidun Sæther, Alexx Alexxander, the crew from Summernights and more. Director is Tom Sterri.

Happy 32nd birthday Alexander Rybak!

The great entertainer and versatile violinist Alexander Rybak turned 32 the 13. May 2018.

Quiz made by Bita Janz


EVENT: “40 years on the Red Carpet” – Musical show

Alexander Rybak will be on of the artists when the Norwegian magazin “Se&Hør” celebrate their 40 anniversary the 23th of September.

Ticket sale starts 12. May at 08.00 CET on Ticketmaster.no

Ticket prices in NOK:
Level 1, VIP: 1295,- (+ fee)
Level 2: 795,- (+ fee)
Level 3: 595,- (+ fee)


Welcome to a star-studded party night with folk-loving artists in Oslo Spektrum! Continue reading EVENT: “40 years on the Red Carpet” — Musical show

Alexander Rybak on the Blue Carpet in ESC 2018 Lisbon 06.05.2018

Alexander Rybak at the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest ESC 2018 Lisbon 

The opening ceremony  took place 6th of May on the Lisbon riverside, next to MAAT, the Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia. 

With the theme of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest revolving around the oceans, the organisers chose to replace the traditional red carpet with a spectacular blue carpet.

Alexander and his team were nr 30 to walk the carpet, but were the last one to finish 3 hours after they started, and it was already dark. Most of the interviews made on the Blue Carpet, you’ll find in the playlist below.

Photo by Vyacheslav ProkofyevTASS via Getty Images


Eurovision royalty graces the Blue Carpet in the form of Alexander Rybak!
Alex is also wearing the male uniform of black trousers and black shirt, but he wears a dark teal jacket to match with his team and give him a more distinctive look. His tie is noteworthy, as it was especially made for the occasion by the Norwegian fashion designer Peter Løchstøer.  information from  ESCTODAY.com 


Continue reading Alexander Rybak on the Blue Carpet in ESC 2018 Lisbon 06.05.2018

I thought I was Superman, says Alexander Rybak, interview TV2.no, 05.05.2018

Will do it differently  this time

Source: TV2.no, published 5.5.2018. Text:   Translated by TessaLa. Revised by Anni Jowett.

It went wrong last time, this is what Alexander Rybak will do differently this time if he wins.

I thought I was Superman, says Alexander Rybak (31)

Norway’s Eurovision hope, Alexander Rybak (31), has been open about that much went wrong when he won the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow 2009. 

He went from being a well-known violin talent in Norway, to become the main person of a giant European fairy tale.

It just became too much, and the massive stress made him “hit the wall”.

Continue reading I thought I was Superman, says Alexander Rybak, interview TV2.no, 05.05.2018

Interview with Alexander Rybak in the Ukrainian magazine “Telegid”, 23.04.2018

Alexander Rybak found his love on the net

Source: Тelegid.com. Published: 23.04.2018., Text:  Yegor Yelkin;
Photos provided by the press-service of Alexander Rybak

Translated by Mónika Menyhért, revised by Evghenia Skripnik

Never say never — it’s about our hero. He himself could not imagine that after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 he would again enter the stage as a contestant. But the fate gave him yet another chance — the singer again represents Norway.

Alexander Rybak — winner of the Eurovision-2009

 Alexander, does the song “That’s How You Write a Song” really reflect your approach to writing tracks?

 Sometimes, in order to convey the meaning and message, you need to simplify the text. Writing a song is actually just a metaphor of faith in your ideas, whether it’s about sports, business, music or something completely different! I give people confidence in themselves and their strength! 

Continue reading Interview with Alexander Rybak in the Ukrainian magazine “Telegid”, 23.04.2018

Enthusiasm for Alexander Rybak’s new stage show

Alexander Rybak had his very first rehearsal with new stage outfits on the Eurovision stage in Lisbon today.

Text to the picture: First rehearsal: Alexander Rybak during the first rehearsal at this year’s Eurovision.

Source: nrk.no., published 1.5.2018. Text: John Marius Hyttebak and Ingvild Silseth. Translated by Jorunn Ekre. Revised by Anni Jowett.

It was a relieved Alexander Rybak who spoke to NRK right after the rehearsal was over.

– This was 40 kg off my back. The feeling I got when I saw it myself afterwards, it’s what I live for, he says and adds that it’s not that important whether Norway reaches the final or not. Continue reading Enthusiasm for Alexander Rybak’s new stage show

Pictures and videos – 1st rehearsal in Eurovision Song Contest 2018 – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak’s first stage rehearsal in Lisbon 1.5.2018.

There will be many interviews, pictures and articles from the 1st rehearsal. Below we will gather most of them so you easily can get an overview of what is written about Alexander’s first rehearsal. This post will be updated with more information during the day 🙂 

 Eurovision.tv’s photos from the rehearsal:

Eurovision has provided us a 45 second video from the rehearsal and a photo gallery.  There will also be several interviews with the many ESC groups that is present. This post will be updated during the week. 

And the video:

The review from the many who followed the rehearsal was a wow!. And he got applause in the press centre. 

Video from the press conference: