Dan Sonesson


NAME: Dan Sonesson

BIRTHDAY: Sept., 9th


3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE MYSELF: impatient, organized, curious

WHAT DO I HAVE IN MY POCKETS RIGHT NOW: Only my cell phone. It’s ever-present.

WHAT MADE ME LAUGH THE LAST TIME: 10 minutes ago. When I watched a “Simpsons” episode on the in-flight entertainment system.

AS A CHILD I DREAMED OF BECOMING A … : Insert random occupation here! More or less anything you can think of, really. Someone that has a job where two days are never the same. Look where it brought me … 😉


SINCE WHEN: oh … about mid September 2009

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE FIDDLER: A lot of things really. He has a great sense of humor and is an easy-going guy. And he’s bright.

WHAT IS ANNOYING ABOUT THE FIDDLER: He could improve his sense of time …

THE MOST REMARKABLE THING I EXPERIENCED WHILE WORKING WITH THE FIDDLER: Sooo many things here. From meeting and working with this great team, to some really great shows, to some really weird moments in some really weird places …

MESSAGE TO THE FACEBOOKIES: Keep up your great work, gals and guys! With fans like you, who can fail?

2 thoughts on “Dan Sonesson”

  1. Дэн Сунессун! Вы очень талантливый менеджер! И вы все одна команда!
    Это главное!

  2. Hej Dan,

    Detta är Tryggve från :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
    Hör av dig. Det vore kul att ses eller höras. Sitter just nu och lyssnar på Concerts in China JMJ, tänker på dig då.


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