Concert in Prague Feb. 25th 2010. Almost 1000 tickets are sold!

(rybakomic by Dr. Renia)

The concert in Prague was expected to be a small concert, since the Lucerna Music Bar have room for ca. 400 people. Our reliable Czech FaceBookies have just reported that all tickets were sold. The demand for concert tickets has been so huge, that the music bar has expanded the room, by opening the balconies and now, almost 1000 tickets are sold. This is very good news for Alexander Rybak and his crew. It is also good news for the Czech fans, ’cause it shows, without doubt, that Rybak has an audience in Czech Republic.

A big part of the credit for this sucess should go to the fans on Alexander Rybak’s Facebook Page,who worked hard together to promote this concert by contacting czech radio-stations, TV-stations and other media and persuade them to play Rybaks music and announce the concert! Especially one radio DJ should be mentioned: Monika on Radio Fajn North Music who was so kind to play ” Fairytale” and to announce the concert EVERY second evening for 2 weeks.(author Marianne)

(rybakomic by Dr. Renia)

(Translation: Alexander Rybak in Prague! 1000 tickets were already sold for a Prague concert thursday 25th of February!!!)

(rybakomic by Dr. Renia)

(Translation: 1) Is Alex gonna be in Prague, for sure?! That is a real fairytale!
2)Really!! I have read about it at It´s gonna take place on the 25th of February in Lucerna Music Bar in Prague. It´s told, that they already sold 1000 tickets.
3) If there were no Facebookies, nobody would know about him in Bohemia.”)

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  1. Я была на вчерашнем концерте, честно говоря, это было очень клево. саша отлично работает с публикой, даже русскую песню спел)

  2. Привет Саша, приезжай в город Ingolstadt.Ты классный,красивый.Буду твоим Гидом.Ирина.

  3. This is simply FANTASTIC!!! Alex deserve this so much!!! And our czeck Facebookies who helped him with this deserve an extra big HUG for this!!! Fantastic support girls!!!

  4. Lenka, they are expanding the space in Lucerna, by opening the balconies. They will not sell more tickets, than there is room for.

  5. Im little bit annoyed because I know how Lucerna looks and it will be crowded because room capacity is 300 people so I cant imagine how we can get in. But I am realy pleased I will listen high-quality music 🙂

  6. Well, definitely great work of our FaceBookies, once again.
    And definitely good news for Alex.
    But, the best news for him ever is, that his “very own” FaceBookies are so devoted … by promoting him with all the means and powers and not thinking about their own possible benefits …

  7. 🙁

    @Abandoned NB-sisters: The 2.25 ops will have our wish-list with them. Not sure if they will be able to fulfill it (if they don’t bonk when they see the fiddler) but I really hope so 🙂 (counting on Lillian’s friend). 🙂

    I will be at the bar, in the home-thread, most of the day (2.25)…drinking down my sadness and following them with my thoughts 🙁

    Have a blast and enjoy Prague ..and the fiddler!!!!!!!!!

  8. vWonderful! I’m so glad for FaceBookies, Alex and all czech fans!!!! It’s a pity that I can’t be with you in Prague……

  9. This soo great! It`s going to be as big as the concert at Sørumsand,then.I`m only sorry I`m not attending it 🙁 But I`ll see him later though 🙂

  10. Just great to hear! What a big job!
    It will be different 1000 or 300 people but I’am glad for Alexander! 🙂

  11. This is just GREAT! FaceBookies have again showed their strength and united their forces in benefit of The Fiddler. I wish everyone a wonderful concert -- and send reports ASAP back to us!

  12. Just great and wonderful and amazing and great and wonderful and …even if I wont be there -- I feel realy good now :-))))))))))))))))))

  13. That’s amazing. Alex has a lot to thank his Facebookies for. But as Marianne say, of course it will be a different concert with 1000 people instead of 350.

  14. This is beyond great!! IT IS FREAKIN´AMAZING!!!



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