Concert at “SluseRock” Festival in Lunde (Norway) June 5th, 2010 – Alexander Rybak

Premiere of Alexander Rybak’s new concert show at the festival “SluseRock” in Lunde, Norway.

Alexander Rybak is back on the road with his band and his new team – the three lovely violinists, Kathrine Hvinden Hals, Maria Strøm Slyngstad and Moa Meinich.

With songs from his new album and great new covers, our favorite Fiddler is gonna make you dance, jump,clap, sing-along, laugh and even cry!

Alexander presented his new show for the 1st time on a concert in “SluseRock” Festival and, of course, FaceBookies were there recording and having fun!!


Many thanks for the videos to Susanne Hashagen
and Venche Mellemstrand

INTRO: Old Boy & Dovregubben’s Hall

Europe’s Skies

First Kiss


Always a Woman



Why Not Me

Roll With the Wind

I’m in Love & Fairytale

6 thoughts on “Concert at “SluseRock” Festival in Lunde (Norway) June 5th, 2010 – Alexander Rybak”

  1. Looks like a great concert with cool new songs, but I really miss the guys from Frikar.

    Love, Tatjana

  2. “Why Not Me” is most definitely my favorite. 🙂 I cannot wait for the new CD.

  3. You are really AWESOME Alex !!!!! Love your new songs 🙂 ..kisses fron greece ^^

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